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Prime Now discontinues as a separate entity and finds home on Amazon main app

Amazon customers in the United States will be able to order through the main Amazon app by end of the year since the company said that it had plans to discontinue its Prime Now fast-delivery app. Prime Now, which was launched in 2014,  had become a customer favorite, attracting millions of Prime members around the world with ultrafast delivery of everyday essentials, gifts, toys, high-quality groceries, and more from Amazon and local stores. To make this experience even more seamless for customers, the company decided to move the experience from a separate Prime Now app onto the Amazon app and website so customers can shop all Amazon has to offer from one convenient location.

The company made this announcement via a blog post it has posted on its website on Friday. It will enable shoppers to order their fast-delivery products, including groceries and other goods directly through the main app or website rather than a standalone Prime Now app and website.

The two-hour grocery deliveries which were promised by Prime Now will still be available through Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods on the site.  Moreover, users will also still be able to order products for fast delivery via the third-party stores that were available on Prime Now. Stephenie Landry, vice president of grocery at Amazon, mentioned the move to discontinue the app is ultimately about making shopping more convenient for customers.

Whether it’s two-hour delivery from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, or one of our local stores like Bartell’s in Seattle, Morrisons in Leeds, or Monoprix in Paris, Prime members will find what they need alongside the millions of items available on Amazon. Now that the Prime Now experience has a new home on Amazon, we will retire the Prime Now app and website worldwide by the end of this year.

Amazon has already stopped using the separate Prime Now app in India, Japan, and Singapore. On a global level, Landry believed that they will move their third-party partners and local stores to the Amazon shopping experience before the Prime now App and website retire this year.

Customers who used the main Amazon web page or app to get two-hour service have provided “overwhelmingly positive” feedback, Landry wrote.

Sanna Sharma
Sanna Sharma
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