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Best Jungle Scout Alternatives in 2023

To start leveraging your business on Amazon for selling your products, you need to find what you can sell while using a product search. In case you want to pick a product for offering it on Amazon, you need to make sure that the items are going to perform well. In case the product is not a hot seller, you are not going to be able to earn profits. To sell on your Amazon store, you need to ensure that the items you are picking the right product for the inventory stocking. Taking the help of a Jungle Scout is extremely useful to find the Amazon product niche. A Jungle Scout helps you to narrow down the options for you to find out a product niche that sells properly. Here are the best Jungle Scout Alternatives that you can opt for:

1. Helium 10

Helium 10: One of the reckoned Jungle Scout alternatives

Helium 10 works as one of the most reckoned Jungle Scout alternative, which enables you for better research and marketing of your Amazon products. The tool is great to use if you want to build a business on Amazon from scratch. Besides product research, it also offers the optimized listing and control of your inventory for a proper analysis.

Helium comes with its Free plan, which lets you perform the basic tasks. The paid plan comes at $97/month, which includes multiple advanced features. Helium 10 includes tools like Black Box, Profits, Xray, Trendster, Magnet, Cerebro, Inventory Protector, Frankenstein, Seller Assistant, etc., which serve your various selling needs.

2. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout: One of the Efficient Alternatives of Jungle Scout

AMZScout is efficient in offering you a Chrome Extension and a Web App. It comes with various profitable features that enable you to find the best selling products. Also, you can get profitable niches while tracking your products conveniently. The tool lets you make the calculation for your Amazon FBA Fees.

You can easily analyze the products as per day, week, month, and year. Also, there is an option for the holiday and seasonal periods with the various sales trends. You can easily control your PPC campaigns and optimize the competition properly. It lets you calculate the product price properly to give you the best profit. The lowest plan starts at $29.99/ month. The starter plan costs $39.99/month. It comes with a business plan worth $59.99/month.

3. Viral Launch

Viral Launch: All-in-one Jungle Scout Alternative

The Viral Launch works well with its all-in-one software suite that includes a variety of tools. Along with this Jungle Scout alternative, you can find the various niches for good products using the filters. It offers a brilliant amount of data.  Using it also allows you the analyze the historic sales and price data properly. It uses a smart algorithm to take note of the market trends and comes up with an accurate forecast for various niches.

The tool comes with the option to measure the investment cost for a product launch. You can have an easy estimation of whether you want to pick an item or not. It works as a keyword research tool for easy optimization of Amazon listing. Using this tool, you can enter the ASIN products to get the full analysis of the competitors along with keywords, sales data, and sponsored ads. The Jungle Scout alternative comes with both the free plan and a paid one that starts from $42-$166 / month.

4. Sellics

Sellics: A well-known Jungle Scout Alternative

Sellics is a well-known Jungle Scout alternative for Amazon that comes with features like Products Search and tracking, Amazon SEO and PPC optimization, handling of Reviews. Also, it allows you to have the proper analysis of the competitor, along with efficient inventory management. Sellics comes with the key-figures and the data, which are translated for the practical recommendation.

Along with its easy user- interface, it is available in three versions – Seller Edition, vendor Edition, and Agency Edition. Moreover, the tool offers a great plan for 14 days of testing. It is available in $57-$317/month planning and comes as a suitable choice from the beginner to the expert level.

5. ZonGuru


ZonGuru works as software providing a toll for the Amazon sellers. It comes with features for product research, tracking of results, and improving the process of business. It is available with various extensions that show the product prices, ranking, reviews for bestsellers, estimated sales, etc.

Also, you can discover the hot trends and profitable products using the Sales Dat Intelligence tool. The Keyword tracker of this Jungle Scout alternative helps you to track and optimize the keywords for ensuring the best performance of your Amazon listing. It comes with the $35 -$119/month plan along with advanced features.

6. HelloProfit

HelloProfit: An unique Jungle Scout Alternative

HelloProfit comes as a unique tool for the customization of the options to view your groups as ASIN. It also lets you compare your data for various and specific groups. The tool works great to ensure you are analyzing your historical sales and data. For the FBA Sellers, this tool helps in searching for multiple products as per the various categories.

Using this tool, you can easily track the keywords. The Chrome Extension is completely free. For more advanced benefits, you can switch to the $97/ month paid plan.

7. Seller Labs

Seller Labs

Seller Labs works as a software company that works to develop applications for Amazon Vendors. It helps in scaling your sales using various tools. The Ignite tool helps to create and manage the various campaigns.

Along with the Scope tool, you can easily discover the keywords and products which are extremely profitable on Amazon.  The Feedback Genius tool helps you to draw more product reviews with enhanced feedback. The Quantify tool comes with inventory and financial management facilities. The plan for the tool starts at $49-$499/ month.

8. EGrow


EGrow works as an all in one suite along with its 7 tools and a Chrome extension. This comes with a free plan along which you can easily test the various tools. Also, the tools are beneficial for finding potentially profitable products for Amazon.

The tool also provides an Amazon Tracker, along with which you can go for the easy tracking of all the sales data. Also, there are options for keyword research to properly optimize your Amazon product listing. The tool comes with both a free plan and a paid plan. The paid plan starts at $17-$29 /month.

9. Seller.Tools


The Seller.Tools work as an efficient one for keyword research and listing with optimal results. The Seller.Tools come with all the efficient facilities that you need to have for growing your business on Amazon. This Jungle Scout alternative tool works as a Keyword manager for the easy management of more than ten thousand keywords using a very responsive user interface.

Use this tool for product research and for the accurate power with the up-to-date data from Amazon. Also, you can easily manage your PPC. The Keyword Wizard helps you with an optimized list within seconds. The tool lets you create a listing efficient for the expert level. Also, there are options for a customized surveillance system. The pricing plan ranges from $57-$297/ month.

10. Cash Cow Pro

Cash Cow Pro

This Jungle Scout free alternative comes with a huge amount of data. This tool is the right one to collect a huge amount of data. You can easily discover the data which helps you to grow your business on Amazon. At the same time, for a beginner, it becomes useful to work with a piece of enormous information using only one source. The pricing plan for Cash Cow Pro starts at $49. 7/ Month plan. From beginner to advanced, all kinds of features are served with great efficiency.

11. ASINHunt


As a Jungle Scout alternative, you can easily pick this all-in-one solution to scale your business on Amazon. The tool comes with a detailed amount of data for a product. The tool is capable of tracking all the efficient information regarding sales, price, and inventory, etc.

Along with this tool, you can easily track up to 50 ASIN along with a $9.99 plan for every month. The tool is suitable for both beginners and the expert level of the task. For more advanced features, the plan goes to $19.99 for a month.

12. Channel Advisor

Channel Advisor

Channel Advisor is another efficient alternative of Jungle Scout free for 2021 that you can use for your customers to connect with your new and existing set of audience. The tool also includes e-commerce marketplace management. Also, the tool is compatible with other e-commerce sites like eBay, Newegg apart from Amazon. At the same time, it also works as a search engine and comparison site for Facebook.

The tool comes with an integrated user interface, which makes it easier to manage your product list. At the same time, it enables you to manage the availability of inventory, price optimization along with keywords, and data analysis.

13. FeedVisor


FeedVisor works as an AI-based tool for the managing of sales for big sellers and brands. An alternative to Jungle Scout, this tool comes with various services, which are must-have ones. Along with it, you can increase the conversion rate along with the revenue and advertisement of your brand.

The tool works great to provide an optimal result using the performance dashboard, profitability dashboard, returns dashboard, advertising dashboard, etc. At the same time, it also includes the restocking of information along with revenue information. There are operational insights, MAP insights, and competitive insights that come with this tool.

14. AMZShark


For an optimal result with your sales and inventory management on your Amazon business store, you can also use this one as an alternative for Jungle tools. The AMZShark comes with a variety of tools for multiple features. It helps in sales tracking and niche scouting. There are also options for the search ranking tracking, keyword exploring, and the listing of the scout.

Thus the tool also offers features like HIjacking alerts, Keyword comparison, listing scout, review alert, etc. Along with the tool, you never miss out on the Super URLs, Feedback alerts, supplier scout, competition scout, etc. The pricing plan for this one starts at $99/month.

15. Feedbackwhiz


Along with Feedbackwhiz, you can easily manage your orders with the easy analysis of the customer data and email automation along with the feedback. The tool lets you customize your email automation. They can easily pre-configure the automatic sequences for emails that go live based on the purchasing behavior of customers.

It comes with large variables that you can use for designing your emails with GIFs, emojis, custom HTML and various attachments, etc. There is also a data analysis tool that comes with this alternative for Jungle scout. It works properly to track your profit and improve your strategy while analyzing the fluctuations of demand. The pricing plan comes at $19.99- $139.99/ month. Also, there is a free plan with basic features.


The above-mentioned tools are the most promising ones to give you a better result as an alternative for Jungle Scout tools. Whether it is inventory management or it is the proper optimization of keywords and product listing on your Amazon site, opt for the right tool. Moreover, it is essential to pick one to crack the most profitable products on Amazon to generate the hot seller in the best way.

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