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Best Web Hosting for e-commerce in 2023

If you want to start with your e-commerce business for 2021, then you need to opt for good web hosting, which is going to cover all your needs for marketing. An e-commerce web hosting helps in increasing the flexibility and good functionality of your website to increase your user experience.

Good web hosting ensures the proper loading speed of your site. A good loading speed has a great impact on the conversion rate of your site. Also, it influences the SEO rankings. If you are looking for good e-commerce web hosts in 2021, then here are some of the recently tested sites that you can opt for. Have a look:

1. A2 hosting

A2 hosting: One of the best Web Hosting for e-commerce

A2 hosting works as a customer-focused e-commerce web hosting provider. The web hosting is precisely designed to give a better service. Along with this e-commerce hosting option, you can get a convenient service at the value of $2.99/ month. The web hosting comes with an e-commerce hosting solution.

The OpenCart solution starts with the $2.99/ month price range. At the same time, the second solution for Magento hosting starts at the value of $9.99/ month. Both the solutions serve the optimized e-commerce hosting to make your server preconfigured and preinstalled for the platform.

Both the plans come with various features h like website building, data transferring, site migration, free SSL certificate. Also, the feature includes the money-back guarantee, unlimited email address, CloudFlare CDN, etc. The A2 Hosting goes compliant with the PCI. You can also use this for a third-party API for the shopping cart. The response time is quite good with this hosting. The speed is paired with the reliable server facility to leverage your hosting speed.

2. DreamHost

DreamHost: One of the Top Web Hosting for e-commerce

Dreamhost is quite reckoned in the market, which comes with a money-back guarantee on the market within 97 days.  The various features of Dreamhost contain the PCI compliant server. Also, it comes with the preinstalled WooCommerce along with the preinstalled SSL certificate. The plan also includes the store font theme, which is preinstalled. Also, you get the benefit of daily backup.

Dreamhost works conveniently to give your site the desired running speed. The powerful web application comes with a firewall and the daily back up system to ensure the protection of your user data.

The web hosting offers a 100% uptime for your online store. The average response time for Dreamhost is around 400 ms. Also, there is a robust customer service, which includes a chatbot for live chat service. It also supports phone calls for additional service.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways: The Top Web Hosting for e-commerce

This cloud-based e-commerce web hosting provider comes with superiorly managed hosting for your e-commerce site with easy payment. There is no monthly price system. Rather the hosting uses a billing that is based on the usage of the server. This web hosting goes compatible with a variety of e-commerce plans WooCommerce, Magneto, OpenCart, Prestashop, etc.

The pricing plan starts at $10 / month. The web hosting is superior in giving 24 x 7 customer support. It comes with SSL encryption along with the automated site backup. Tema management, firewall protection, and real-time monitoring also come with this web hosting service. The web hosting service offers the one-click install for the platforms that support e-commerce.

This cloud-based web hosting uses advanced cash to give a very speedy service along with free site migration. Though it does not support PCI compliance, they have their service. Along with robust customer support, it helps you to achieve PCI compliance as per your need. The speed comes with 584 ms for site loading. The uptime is an average of 99.99%, which ensures it is a reliable one.

4. FastComet

FastComet: A convenient Web Hosting for e-commerce

FastComet works as a convenient web hosting service. It uses cloud-based solutions for hosting, which is speedy and reliable to improve the user experience on your site. FastComet comes with the hosting option for the e-commerce sites like Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, etc.

The hosting plan starts at $2.95 for the basic features. The hosting service offers the drag and drop website building. It also includes SSD storage, SSL encryptions, Cloudflare CDN. Also, it includes BitNinja server security. FastComet increases the security on your site. It offers a very specific web application along with the firewall. Therefore, it includes malware scanning and the DDos detention along with the mitigation.

The e-commerce platform comes with an additional option for proper monitoring with optimized reports daily basis, which improves the performance of your store. The site comes with 99.98% of the uptime. The response time is 1372ms, which is a bit slow. However, for great security, you can easily opt for this one. Also, the customer service is robust and convenient.

5. HostGator


The HostGator comes as a solution along with the Magneto hosting plan.  Though it does not optimize for any other e-commerce platform, you can use it for any other e-commerce platform. You can install it for any of the WordPress compatible platforms for e-commerce with the one-click installer.

The hosting plan for Magneto starts at the $2.75/month planning. Its plan also ranges up to $ 5.95 for business plans. Along with the package, you can opt for disk space and bandwidth. It also includes the SSL encryption along with $100 ad credits for Bing and Google.

This e-commerce web hosting does not come with any kind of preinstalled or preconfigured e-commerce platform. However, you can easily install any using the one-click installing option. The servers of HostGator are not compliant with PCI. You can use the settings to get the PCI. The e-commerce hosting comes with 99.9% uptime. The speed category ranges to 1200 ms as per the third-party websites. The cutler service is top-notch.

6. GreenGeeks


The GreenGeeks works as a simple hosting solution. The hosting plan for GreenGeek starts at $2.95/ month to support most of the common e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Presta shop, Opencart, Magneto, etc. GreenGeek does not come with any kind of preinstalled e-commerce platform.

The package of the GreenGeeks includes a free SSL certificate along with free CDN to improve the security of the site. The customer security rule includes auto-updates along with daily- backup. It also comes with native PCI compliant web hosting.

The uptime for the GreenGeek web hosting is about 99.993%, and the load speed is around 886 ms.  The web hosting service comes with immense customer service along with the 24/7 live chat service and email. It also includes Phone support for resolving queries.

7. Hostinger


The Hostinger works as the provider for the tools to build the site with a free plan to get an affordable hosting plan. It comes with the e-commerce site to optimize the hosting solution necessary for platforms such as- Prestashop, Magneto, WooCommerce.

The Hostinger works as an optimized web hosting option for e-commerce based on the type of your platform. The planning for this e-commerce hosting starts at $2.89/ month. Along with the plans, you can use the one-click set up for installing your preferred platform.

The Hostinger works conveniently to offer you the features with the three times improved performance. It includes a free domain, a Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificate. Also, it comes with the automatic back up for the week. Also, it comes with a PCI compliant server with a secure payment option for the customers. The speed comes with much improvement. The server provides a 469 ms response time. The uptime for this solution is 99.98. The customer support is also superior.

8. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

It is one of the cheapest solutions for e-commerce. It comes with a large set of features along with convenient packages. It offers an optimized level of e-commerce hosting for the platform like Magneto, Woo-commerce, Prestashop, etc.

The basic planning for the Prestashop shooting starts at $5.99 / month. It includes the preinstalled Prestashop and the preconfigured store. The WooCommerce option, on the other hand, does not include the preinstalled option. You need to use the one-click installer. The Magneto also does not come with the preinstalled plan. You can add it using the command line.

The e-commerce solution comes as a highly optimized one for the selected platform with enhanced security. It also includes a free domain along with an SSL certificate. Drag and drop website and a security suite, It also includes a web application firewall.  The hosting plans do not meet the PCI compliance. You can upgrade it using a VPS solution. The response time is 1233 m for the website. The uptime is 99.9%. Also, it offers robust customer support.

9. Kinsta


Kinsta is an LA-based web hosting that offers great hosting for WordPress. The simple to use web hosting helps you with the building of an e-commerce store along with a backend server. Kinsta offers very optimized hosting for WooCommerce with a secure and reliable server.

The plan comes with a preinstalled and preconfigured solution to provide a one-click install option. It starts at the $30 / month plan for the starter, along with a scalable solution. It also includes an SSL certificate and a free site migration. The auto-scaling technology comes with the best optimization. It offers a great monitoring system. The server of Kinsta does not go in compliance with PCI.  The custom service is optimal with a 24/7 live chat and messaging system. Also, there is a 30 days’ money-back guarantee.

10. LiquidWeb


LiquidWeb works as a worldwide hosting provider. It helps to manage the WooComemrce and Magneto hosting for your store. It does not offer any shared hosting solution. The basic plan starts at $19/ month for WooCommerce. For Magneto, it costs $49 / month. The solutions easily run on the Nexcess platform with optimized support.

The auto-scaling technology of this hosting comes with a free SSL certificate, which makes it one of the best web hosting for e-commerce. It lets you access the user-friendly interface of management. Also, it includes automated backup. It goes compliant with PCI servers. For the website, the uptime of LiquidWeb is 99.999%. The average load speed ranges up to 941 ms. The web hosting service comes with 24/ 7 customer support through phone, live chat, and email.


Picking convenient web hosting is of paramount importance to improve the performance of your e-commerce website. Whether it is to maximize the security or to reduce the load time of the landing page, pick the best e-commerce hosting server conveniently that suits the need of your e-commerce platform. Hopefully, the above-mentioned one is going to be the best one for your service.

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