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You can either disrupt or be disrupted. It’s your choice, but you only have two options

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You can either disrupt or be disrupted. It’s your choice, but you only have two options

“Do or do not, there is no try” Master Yoda Either you conquer the system or it swallows you. The world is a dynamic, ever-shifting system, and the modern gladiators in this arena have to be just as versatile and dynamic. Join us on this episode of Digital Icons as we bring Shawn Nason, Founder, CEO and Chief of Eco-System Disruptor, down to talk about innovation and how organizations shouldn’t be afraid to go against the status quo and shake things up.

Shawn Nason

Founder, CEO and Chief of Eco-System Disruptor Mofi

About Shawn Nason

Shawn Nason, Founder & CEO of MOFI, is a disruptor who’s in relentless pursuit of infiltrating tired, outdated systems with bold, game-changing ideas. He’s on a mission to challenge the status quo by daring changemakers to pour their hearts into their work while taking a deep dive into empathy for the consumer. Shawn’s the person in the room who is undeterred by convention, unafraid to dream big, and unable to settle for mediocrity.

About MOFI

MOFI (mofi.co) is an experience-design SWAT team that’s laser-focused on disrupting the healthcare industry. We partner with providers, payers, and retailers who are ready to stare at their challenges in the face, think boldly about new ideas and create a strategy to move the needle. Like a SWAT team, we combine our superpowers each day to rethink the patient, family, and employee experience and solve for the biggest, hairiest problems in the industry by designing unapologetically for patient-centric care.

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