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With a vision to open more digital opportunities, TikTok opens its self-serve ad platform for Canada

TikTok, a china-owned content creation application has recently released an announcement that its self-serve ad platform is now available to operate to all businesses in Canada which marks the latest expansion in its growing business plan.

They have marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the brand for businesses in Canada. They are now launching new advertising solutions for SMB(s) making it seamless, easy, and more efficient for brands to meaningfully connect with the TikTok community. In Canada, with the introduction of self-serve advertising tools and the availability of TikTok’s new Shopify channel, they are continuing their support to advertisers at each step of the campaign creation process.

This new feature looks very similar to the same on other social networks and is also easy to use. It will feel familiar to the social media managers who have run the campaigns before. TikTok had actually made an announcement for the global growth of the platform in July 2020. Hence, it has been available to some of the Canadian businesses for a while, but now, all the brands will be able to make use of this feature to run campaigns. Furthermore, the company is also making its Shopify channel accessible for vendors in Canada, in addition to the U.S.

As TikTok explains, “The channel will help Shopify’s merchants across the country create and run campaigns directly geared toward TikTok’s highly engaged community. Through this partnership, we’re making it easier for Shopify merchants to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, be discovered, and optimize their marketing campaigns.”

The new options will enable a major evolution and open doors to more digital marketing opportunities on the platform for Canadian brands. Moreover, TikTok is also hosting a virtual summit for ventures in Canada which will take place next month. It will include workshops, education sessions as well as interviews with business owners and also TikTok experts to assist brands to make the best use of the platform.

The project of this platform is anticipated to reach to billion users in 2021. However, at the same time, TikTok needs to firmly establish its business foundations to maximize its revenue opportunity and also ensure that its top creators are able to monetize their efforts effectively. If the brand is able to keep its users happy, it will help to maintain the long-term viability of the brand, while generating business income and solidifying its operations.

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Sanna Sharma
Sanna Sharma
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