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Walmart supply chain gets makeover to fulfill online orders

Walmart upgrading its warehouses to offer faster delivery on online orders. The warehouses are getting equipped with high-end technologies. It is to serve as a measure to grow online businesses. It is planning to build four centers. They will work as a fulfillment center. Walmart is going to use it to pack and ship online orders.

The customers are going to get extra lucky. Walmart will offer next-day or two days delivery for most of the items. It includes items from cereals to T-shirts. Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon. Amazon brought forward the concept of Prime membership to discuss the benefits. It offers a wide range of services and items.

Walmart sales encouraged with online orders. It provides a very good opportunity for Walmart to enter the competition. It currently has 31 facilities which put to use for the fulfillment of online orders. Walmart has 3500 of its stores working and almost 75% of the location to deliver the orders.

Though the increasing online orders from Walmart need a more stabilized system. The employees are continuously working to fulfill orders, but it just makes it time-consuming. However, with the upgrade, there will be a seamless operation on the delivery of online orders.

However, Walmart said “it will hire 4,000 people to work at the new facilities. The current starting pay at existing warehouses is $16 to $28 per hour, and wages at the new ones will be at the higher end of that range.”

The stores are going to play a great role in the supply chain measure. They will handle the online orders with most of the popular items. For example, frozen groceries and chilled items.

To conclude, we can say that Walmart’s supply chain is getting a makeover. The stores are going to serve as an automated warehouse for online grocery orders. It is also going to count robotics in the regional stores.


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