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Walmart joins Tiktok and together they host a Spring Shop-Along shoppable event- beauty edition

One of the largest retail giants is hosting a new social shopping event for its customers. The platform made an announcement its second live-stream shopping event called “Spring Shop-Along: Beauty Edition” which will take place over Walmart’s TikTok channel on Thursday (March 11) at 9 p.m. EST.

The retail giant had its first event like this in December with a holiday-themed shoppable variety show featuring 10 TikTok creators. The event reported having garnered over 7,000 more views than the company expected. Walmart also reported that its followers on TikTok grew by 25 percent during the event. However, the retailer did not spill any beans on to what extent its first TikTok live shopping event drove sales. Since these numbers were encouraging, that’s why Walmart decided to go for another event but this time to promote beauty products rather than apparel, which had been the focus of the holiday live-stream.

For the event, a variety of TikTok creators will be featured during the 60-minute beauty tutorial event, demonstrating and sharing their skin, hair, and makeup routines and tips while using their favorite Walmart beauty products. One such creator slated for the event is Gabby Morrison, who has more than 3.5 million TikTok followers.

Gabby Morrison, who has more than 3.5 million followers, has been one of the TikToker creators who will be participating in the event. Gabby along with others will demo their skincare, makeup, and hair routines and reveal the Walmart beauty products. Featured beauty brands will include NYX, Maybelline, The Lip Bar, Bliss, Kim Kimble, and Marc Jacobs fragrances.

Viewers who will be a part of the event will not only have the opportunity to get beauty tips but also shop products featured directly from the TikTok app by simply tapping on product “pins”. This will also enable viewers to add items to their cart that they can then check out either during or after the event.

“Brands have found a unique home on TikTok to create content that speaks to the community and inspires engagement, whether it’s participating in trends or discovering new products,” said Blake Chandlee, president of TikTok Global Business Solutions, in a statement about Walmart’s plans. “With the shoppable live-stream experience, it’s exciting to see how the TikTok community loves engaging with their favorite creators and discovering new products. We look forward to continuing building innovative ways to power the path from discovery to purchase, and seeing brands like Walmart bring their creativity to users,” Chandlee further added.

Walmart is also hinting at the fact that these shoppable events are just the start for the platform since it will be doubling its activities on social commerce and also testing ways to engage its customers. “We will continue to bring more shopping experiences to TikTok in the coming months by partnering with creators to highlight different products via different formats,” Walmart mentioned.

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Sanna Sharma
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