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Virtual Stylist app ‘Drest’ touted as the future of e-commerce

We have seen that the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly in this day and age and many have been already saying that this is the end of the retail industry. However, we also see reports that the retail industry is going nowhere.

This also becomes evident when we see numbers regarding the investment in retail property outpacing the investment in an e-commerce startup. As everyone has been saying for a long time, it is always better to invest in the property since they are bound to give returns.

Now, there is also the trade-off in the e-commerce industry which is that you cannot see what items you are buying which you can do in the retail industry. While we have seen that most of the people are now okay with that, it is still something that bothers them.

However, the technology of today has advanced so much that anything and everything is possible. In saying that, we have an app that is now touted as the next big thing in the e-commerce industry and is also said to be the future.

The app we are referring to is named Drest which is said to be “the world’s first interactive luxury styling game”.  Inside this game, which is targeted towards women only, you can pick your clothes. It gives you an experience of how a stylist must be feeling when they dress their characters in real life.

In regards to e-commerce, this app can be useful in terms of seeing how the clothes that you are looking to buy will fit you and if they suit you or not. Also, you can pick and choose between different clothes and then buy the entire pair from the store.

James Miller
James Miller
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