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Verishop has added more social features to its official app

Verishop commerce, the social commerce platform, is doing some inclusion of new features to its app. These features will allow the other users to share their content for better interaction with other brands and shoppers.

In a press release, the company announced that it started as an e-commerce site and grew to a socially active platform with certain elements. The platform allows its users to upload photos and videos, follow brands and other users, tag products, etc., just like a social media platform. Verishop’s view on this inclusion of apps is proof that they believe in the power of social elements that are required for a successful e-commerce platform.

Verishop said in its latest release that- “Based on what we’ve seen from others who have tried to combine social and shopping, we thought we needed to nail an amazing commerce experience first before layering on the social elements.”

Users can also create their “collections” where they will be able to add their favorite products either in private or on the public boards. Verishop also allows its users to have a profile where others can see their contents, collection of brands, and followers.

In the latest release, Verishop has said that they believe in people’s ability to act as an everyday stylist, and browsing photos and videos online in the form of window shopping is going to help people more.

There are almost 1000 direct-to-consumer digital brands added to the app, with the Verishop’s verification.

The pandemic affected situation has shifted the consumers’ interest to more on digital shopping. And it is acting as the fuel to the growing interest of blending social media and the e-commerce platform. The Instagram community has a large influence on this progress with an effective social media presence.

Also, Facebook has launched the Instagram shop in the U.S. in July. Additionally, they are planning to taste the shopping with the reel feature later this year, according to the reports.

The Verishop differs from the other platforms in this place. As people visit Verishop to do shopping, while they get access to social activities, on the other hand, social sites use shopping as an additional offer.

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