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Unilever boss predicts a change in shopping trends after Coronavirus

While the world is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and the best way to do is by staying inside homes, it is also known that trends are emerging and will continue to emerge during this pandemic and even after the crisis ends.

It is said that this pandemic is here to stay for the next 18 to 24 months which means we will have to stay careful for the next 2 years or until a vaccine is not found. Talking about the pandemic, it is seen that online shopping has been the biggest plus point and many companies have emerged due to this surge in online shopping.

Now, we are seeing statements from experts in the e-commerce field as to what will happen after the Coronavirus. According to Unilever boss, we are going to see a change in the way people shop even after the Coronavirus.

He says that the pandemic will have a lasting change on the lives of people. He predicts that the surge in online shopping is here to stay and we will see online shopping go mainstream very soon. Apart from that, he says that cleaning products will see demand continue for as long as the virus stays.

He also predicts that the pandemic will make people buy grocery online. According to him, “I think we will be able to look back and see this as a point of inflexion for online grocery shopping,”.

He also addresses the issue of getting delivery slots for various grocery apps by adding that “Good luck getting an appointment for grocery delivery. I think that will persist and we will adjust our approach to reflect that.”

Talking about the use of hand sanitizers and face masks, he says that “The whole hygiene thing will carry on.” and he believes it is for the good of everyone in the society.

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