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To boost economy impacted by virus outbreak, China will host an online shopping festival

You must have heard of the biggest online shopping festival in China that happens on the 11th day of November every year which is also called as the 11.11 festival. Now, this event is also known as Singles’ day and it is the biggest online shopping festival in a single day not only in China but the whole world. It is also a fact that the majority of the Chinese people wait for this day to buy products since there are huge discounts and offers on their favourite products.

However, the Coronavirus which has emerged out of China and has become a pandemic affecting the whole world has made a huge impact on the Chinese economy as well. This is because everything was locked down during the outbreak and people were not allowed to even go out. Now that everything is going back to normal at least in China, we see that the government is making efforts to give a boost to their economy.

As a part of this effort, the Chinese government is looking to hold an online shopping event once again which will be much earlier than its November 11 sale as per tradition. This sale will basically be an economy booster as the government hopes that more sales will bring the cashflow back in the economy.

It is also announced that this shopping festival will be for a long duration between April 28 and May 10 and it will go on for 13 days. During this sale period, we expect to see a lot of offers as well as discounts offered by almost everyone since they would want to sell the impending stock as well as manufacture new one for which funds are needed. It is known that China is the biggest manufacturer in the world so we will see a lot of discounts on electronics.

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