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To manage e-commerce orders, UPS is adding peak delivery surcharge

It is a fact that e-commerce is the one and only option right now to order things in most part of the world. We can also see that people are starting to order more and more stuff online and those who were hesitant to order from the internet thus far have also jumped on the bandwagon and started to do so because they have no other option. On the other hand, we have also seen that those people are also liking the convenience of ordering online and it might be seen that most of those people keep on ordering online for the time being.

Now that we are well into this pandemic and two months have passed since the first time that lockdown was enforced, we are still seeing most people buying online and this is despite the stores and other retail outlets opening up around them. Due to that reason, one of the US’ biggest delivery companies which is UPS has started to take a surcharge for peak delivery. This is similar to what we have to pay for Uber when there is peak time and you have to get around somewhere.

Because of the unavailability of the delivery personnel, UPS is charging this amount so that people who have to get the order urgently will have to pay for the delivery while others who can wait will wait instead of paying the surcharge. UPS says that it will “impose extra fees on Amazon, Best Buy, others responsible for the surge in shipments including oversize items that are testing delivery networks”.

The company also reveals that the peak delivery surcharge will be started from May 31 so you do have two days left before this comes into action. Since this delivery charges will be levied from sellers, it is likely that Amazon and third-party sellers will increase their delivery rates too.

Alf Alferez
Alf Alferez
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