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Amazon said to offer permanent jobs for 70% of its 175,000 new hires

We have seen that almost 50 million people in the US have filed for unemployment during this Coronavirus crisis meaning that they have lost their jobs due to the lockdown and the pandemic situation.

Now, this also tells us that a lot of people in the US might be struggling to make their ends meet and this will mean a lot of things happening in the future such as people fighting for the jobs among other things such as robbery and loots. Amidst all this, we know that e-commerce is the thriving force and it is helping the economy be on the run to an extent.

Apart from that, e-commerce companies are also helping people have employment because other retail jobs have been taken away from them. Now, Amazon has turned out be a major helpful force right now for a lot of Americans because they have just told the media that they will be offering permanent jobs for most of their recent hires.

It was known that Amazon was on a hiring spree lately because of the surge in the e-commerce sector and the demand as well as the backlog of pending orders. At that time, we knew that almost 175,000 new employees were hired by Amazon in different roles and mostly in the delivery and logistics department. Now, we are getting reports that Amazon will offer 70% of these employees a permanent job meaning that they can have a full-time job which is part-time at the moment.

Since 70% of them will be offered full-time jobs and they will be notified in June that they can keep their roles for longer-term, there are still 50,000 jobs that are left hanging. For them, an Amazon spokesperson says that “remaining 50,000 workers it has brought on will stay on seasonal contracts that last up to 11 months”

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