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SpartanNash is set to buy existing grocery brands

A Michigan-established and Amazon-linked grocer vouches to buy existing grocery brands. SpartanNash aims to remove and establish an undifferentiated market. In addition, it is trying to grow its retail footprint.

The company gave the news of the acquisition of the northwestern Michigan grocery chain. Shop-N-Save Food centers feature three stores in the area. It will now be catering to the SpartanNash Family Fare brand.

Tony Sarsam gave the statement, “As a People First company, we welcome the Shop-N-Save team into the SpartanNash family, and we look forward to earning the loyalty of our new community members. Our grocery stores are an important contributor to our business strategy, allowing us to provide a full portfolio of solutions for independent and chain customers that go beyond food distribution.”

The leverage of the acquisition of grocery brands is to put the innovative products in the arena of the global market.

Currently, Amazon is on a deal to purchase 15% of the shares in the company. As a result, Amazon will now be able to expand the grocery brands quickly and facilitate the food distributor offering retailers with an infrastructure.

Amazon finalized the deal in the year 2020 to purchase the stakes in the year 2027. The deal requires Amazon to buy goods worth $8 billion from the retailers. So it is in 7 years. SpartanNash also finalized a deal of $25.8 million for lease distribution centers.

SpartanNash announced Bennett Morgan as its Senior Vice President and also the chief merchandising officer. The point to note is that Bill was earlier appointed Amazon Fresh Category leader.

He was responsible for the grocery store business for Amazon and its expansion of it to the brick-and-mortar space. This indicates a more direct budding between Amazon and SpartanNash relationship.

The partnership will surely boost Amazon’s grocery business. And, at the same time, beneficial for other grocery brands. A global network to sell offers a wider base of the target audience.


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