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Smartphones are now driving retail purchases in Brazil

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The Brazilian eCommerce is on fire with smartphone retail purchases. 2/3 of the retail purchases are getting done by smartphones in the country. Another interesting fact is that the means to order is the same, but the order is not done in the same fashion.

Retail purchases are getting done via the app, mobile wallets, and also in stores. This also clearly defines the strong presence of mobile users enabling the new businesses to grow more. As a result, the Brazilian market is on high-speed growth.

However, it is essential to offer mobile shopping features to local business owners. It is to make their product visible. However, it was one of the findings from the Brazilian edition of “The 2022 Global Digital Shopping Playbook”.

The recent survey conducted by PYMNTS and Cybersource collaboration included 602 local business owners and 2,201 customers. It was to conduct the shift in a conundrum in their retail purchases mode. And how it is affecting the global economy. There will also be local merchants going through changes in the expectation.

Smartphones serve as a means to evolve their retail purchase experience. 47% of shopper who generally shops from physical stores utilizes their smartphone for an in-store shopping experience. It is also more than Australia, the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

The increasing demand for in-store options is disturbing the pickup facilities. Local eCommerce shoppers often prefer home delivery. 75% of the shoppers are asking so in their recent orders.

However, Brazilian business owners are offering all kinds of services to increase their sales. All digital features listed irrespective of most of them going unused by customers. Some of the listed services are cross-channel digital profiles, on-time inventory, and navigation apps.

We can also agree with the finding stating that Brazilian retail purchases are going under great influence via smartphones.