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Shopflix, in-trend video streaming network comes to life to tell the real-life brand stories

With the growing trend among retailers and brands of live-streaming to sell and highlight products, another video streaming network, Shopflix is launched on Wednesday (June 9th). It is a video streaming network where brands can tell their stories. For shoppers, the network offers entertaining, shoppable video content 24 hours a day, demonstrated by expert hosts and category influencers.

Shopflix acts as a “retail partner and content creator” for brands, as it offers a novel direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channel with stronger margins, a lower acquisition cost, and hosts with large social followings who post on behalf of each show, according to the announcement. The network provides round-the-clock shoppable video content for consumers.

“More consumers today are looking to brands that share their values and understand their unique style and interests, so brands need to give shoppers a reason to stay interested, recommend their products, and keep coming back,” Shopflix Co-founder Lindsey Kilbride said in the announcement. “At Shopflix, we care about telling engaging stories of brands and brand founders above all else, which differentiates us from other shopping networks and live streaming events.”

This platform creates content that includes “Pops”, which are under two minutes, and short-form content, which is between five and 15 minutes. The platform also offers long-form content, which is between 20 and 25 minutes.

Some of the shows hosted by this network are:-

  1. Wall traveled by Rosie Clayton where she travels most of the Instagrammed walls across America to learn about local culture and stories of the best local brands
  2. Breaking Through by Melissa Chataigneinterviews founders who have faced adversity and worked their way all the way up, zooming in on the funny, humanizing, yet relatable ‘rejections’ that nearly all entrepreneurs face.
  3. Mom: What Happens Live !: Urban chic moms Ceta Walters and Andrea Levoff tell the funny and often embarrassing stories of living with kids in the digital age.
  4. Generation Next Low key gadget and tech geek Reagan Bregmantakes viewers on an in-depth, yet inviting and relatable look at emerging trends and innovative products that are taking everyday products to the next level.

And shows like Trailblazers, Eco-Friendlier, Taking the Leap, Shop Virtual Support Local, and many more like these.

“Shopflix is content first, commerce second, which helps the brand/consumer relationship go deeper than the transaction by providing an engaging story that resonates with their target shopper to pique interest beyond the product,” Shopflix Co-founder Matt Matros said in the announcement.


Sanna Sharma
Sanna Sharma
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