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Screw your big world-saving purpose, who can you help people become?

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Screw your big world-saving purpose, who can you help people become?

This episode of Digital Icons explores the purpose and how every brand these days are embracing sustainability. Thomas Kolster, Mr. Goodvertising, author, speaker, and director of the Goodvertising Agency shares why he’s taking a hatchet to his earlier beliefs and warns brands and leaders to stop putting themselves first when it comes to purpose. ‘Who can you help me become?’ is the one essential question you need to be asking and acting on to chart a new course for your brand, unlocking change at scale and sustainable growth that benefits all.

Thomas Kolster

Marketing Director

About Thomas Kolster

Thomas Kolster is a marketing activist on a mission to make business put people and planet first. As the Director of the Goodvertising Agency and as a seasoned branding and sustainability professional of more than 18 years’ standing, he’s advised Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups, governments, agencies, and non-profits. He’s the founder of the global Goodvertising movement that’s inspired a shift for the better in advertising. Goodvertising is also the name of his book (Thames & Hudson, 2012). He’s an internationally recognised keynote speaker who’s appeared in more than 70 countries at events like TEDx, SXSW, D&AD & Sustainable Brands; and is a columnist for the Guardian, Adweek, The Drum and several other publications, as well as regularly judging at international award shows such as Cannes Lions and D&AD. As a passionate entrepreneur and change agent he’s launched several impact platforms like Cph:Change and Wheregoodgrows. Thomas’ belief is simple: Change begins with you!

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