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Revolutionary Profit Increase: Arthy’s Game-Changing Reimbursement-Flatrate

The world of online commerce, especially on platforms like Amazon, has undergone radical changes thanks to automation and artificial intelligence. Arthy, a pioneering Amazon assistant, goes beyond automation by providing AI-based features and a unique Reimbursement-Flatrate. This blog post shows how you can increase your profits and reclaim hidden capital with Arthy.

The Significance of Automation in Amazon Sales:

Automation in Amazon sales brings numerous benefits, from time savings to improved efficiency and accuracy. Arthy, as your active assistant, sets new standards by not only providing data but also offering proactive recommendations for daily workflows.

The Birth of Arthy:

Described as a digital assistant drawing on the experience of a 20-member expert team with years of Amazon expertise, Arthy stands out from reactive tools by not only providing data but also offering actionable recommendations. The seller retains full control over the decisions they wish to make.

Arthy’s Unlimited Reimbursement Flatrate is the Solution:

Especially after the busiest, yet labor-intensive holiday season, Amazon sellers often face high refund claims due to lost items.

With a monthly subscription of only €99, Arthy offers an unprecedented alternative to conventional refund tools. This flat rate automates the complex refund process, saving sellers up to 95% of the usual commissions, as well as a significant amount of time.

Maximizing Profits:

Arthy enables Amazon sellers to increase their Amazon margin up to 20% without having to invest additional capital. In addition to the reimbursement flat rate, Arthy provides free dashboards for sales, marketing, and reviews. These dashboards give sellers a clear overview and enable well-informed real-time decisions, a service for which many other well-known Amazon seller tools in the market charge hefty prices. The use of these dashboards is completely free with Arthy Base.

But that’s not all…

Arthy’s AI can evaluate customer reviews and provide clear recommendations to the user. It suggests bundling products to save on FBA costs, actively asks customers for reviews, and ensures that products in the FBA warehouse never go out of stock. All these features and more are included in the same subscription.


The integration of automation and artificial intelligence not only provides time savings and efficiency for Amazon sellers but also offers the opportunity to sustainably increase profits. Arthy’s Reimbursement-Flatrate revolutionizes how sellers deal with lost or damaged products, demonstrating how sellers can maintain control while benefiting from automated processes.

Seize the opportunity to maximize your Amazon profits and discover Arthy today. The first step is a free audit to uncover hidden funds. Start now and elevate your Amazon profit potential with Arthy! Get Arthy here

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