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Revenue-based financing sailing eCommerce across MENA

eCommerce sees a continuous change in the financing drive. Leading Fintech companies from around the world are popularizing the use of the RBF model.

Dublin-based Wayflyer and Canada’s Clearco are some of them. These are paving a strong way for making businesses more flexible. It can help generate revenue while paying back the loan. This will increase the number of eCommerce over various regions. The adoption of the model is in this region. It speaks of a new region in MENA. FlapKap is the first company of its kind.

This just marks a step ahead in the victory. It will help in bringing development to the region. MENA is still new to the region. It will boost eCommerce and Saas firms in channeling better growth. They will see a faster and lesser risk bringing better credit terms. There is an optimization of advertisement with an AI solution.

Coucha stated, “Our AI solution helps us to understand the client’s accounting processes, spending patterns, and the correlation with the sales to determine if they have the potential to grow if there is an increase in their ad spend — one of the bulkiest expense items for firms.”

MENA fintech firms are securing $1.2 million in investment worldwide. It expands beyond the market across MENA. The eCommerce and SaaS sectors are emerging sectors today. It opens areas for investment.

There is enough capital and cheap funds. The company also plans to capitalize on itself. The other elements are just right enough to work things out. Insightful financing holds the potential for greater RBF space.

Flap Cap will offer help to companies by abandoning their legacy. The infrastructures embrace newer and more advanced solutions.

The merchants were hesitant to ditch their historical infrastructures. They are now in favor of a newer, more modern solution like FlapKap’s. Coucha also believes to soon make the switch. It will be a more optimizing ad budget. It can convert itself into large returns.

5% optimization in digital advertising cost can result in a 25% boost in returns.


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