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Reprise starts ‘Reprise Commerce’, a global ecommerce unit

Reprise is a global performance marketing agency of IPG Mediabrands, which has launched ‘Reprise Commerce’, a global ecommerce unit. Reprise Commerce adjoins Reprise’s ecommerce media capabilities with the skilled retail expertise which has been adding over the past year. This new platform provides clients with holistic offers for doing ecommerce. It will extend to supply chain and operations, designing strategies with customer experience.

Reprise Commerce will design and executes customer-based strategies from the initial consultation to activation. Reprise Global CEO Dimitri Maex said, “We’ve gone on a real hiring spree. We have recruited platform alumni like Will Margaritis (ex-Amazon), Ritika Gupta (ex-Lazada), ecommerce agency veterans Todd Bowman and Neilson Hall, who have worked at both retailers and agencies.”

Maex further commented that this step referred that our clients would get the best of both worlds and did not have to consider ecommerce as a separate silo. This means that we can optimize their ecommerce investments efficiently between ecommerce platforms and the entire digital platform. The ‘Reprise Commerce’ comes during a situation of the pandemic, which influenced unplanned changes in consumer behavior.

The online market industry has witnessed drastic growth during these few months in spite of a 10.5% decline in U.S. sales. Depending on the online purchases of customers and the type of products they buy, it is important for the respective brands to be present in the customer flow. Will Margaritis, head of ecommerce, USA, said, “It’s very exciting to connect all the threads of ecommerce under one roof, and to join them with Mediabrands.”

Margaritis has also revealed that they have been able to increase their clients’ year over year ecommerce sales on average by 108%. Reports say that ecommerce has moved to the center in many categories, and this trend will endure. Daryl Lee, Mediabrands Global CEO, said that global ecommerce unit Reprise Commerce had the breadth of expertise and experience to provide the very best solutions to their clients’ ecommerce.

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