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Press SHIFT and accelerate in Retail

Digital Icons – A vlog series

Tricks of the trade to grow and nurture your business

Press SHIFT and accelerate in Retail

The retail market is an ever-growing field and one of the most dynamic sectors of the business world. With ever-changing trends in communication and technology, retailers are getting pushed to multiple directions. In this episode of Digital Icons, we will discuss how to “Accelerate the SHIFT” in your retail business (SHIFT here standing for S- seamless, H-human centric, I-intelligent, F-future ready, T-trusted and safe) and maximize this untapped potential.

Deviprasad Rambhatla

Senior VP & Global head retail Distribution, and Transportation Wipro Ltd

About Deviprasad Rambhatla

Deviprasad Rambhatla goes by Devi, leads Wipro’s Retail, Distribution, and Transportation Business Unit globally. His responsibilities include strategy, business growth, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and P&L management. Devi, a diehard Wiproite, sports enthusiast, public speaker, and above all, no stranger to the wonderful world of transportation and distribution. His career started at GE Transportation Systems, where he had in-depth experience in several US and Canadian railroads. In his role as the Global Head of HTTP, he spearheaded Wipro’s 25% CAGR growth in this vertical by bringing in segment-wise focus in Travel, Transportation, Hospitality, and Public Sector. Devi has been spearheading growth through blue ocean strategy, opening up white spaces, investing and co-innovating IP/Platforms, and putting the might of new-age Wipro to meet the changing needs of customers. He also expanded the repertoire of services from Wipro to include not just cost savings services, but that significantly help clients in bringing in newer revenue streams and enhancing customer experience. Devi holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and systems engineering. He attended Wharton school of business, for his diploma in Client Engagement.

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