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How AI Is Bringing Scalability In Retail

Digital Icons – A vlog series

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How AI Is Bringing Scalability In Retail

Day by day, forward-thinking retail organizations brainstorm on ways of improving the shopping experience of customers. The idea of a frictionless store, where time and satisfaction are optimized, has been an important topic in the retail space in the last decade. Retail store owners must find a way to flow with this trend or run the risk of being left behind. This episode of digital icons promises to educate our audience on how artificial intelligence is redefining the future of retail and how to effectively key into this new trend. Join Fredrik Carlegren, Executive Director of Global Marketing, Toshiba Global commerce solutions, as he enlightens us on how retail stores can remain relevant in the market using artificial intelligence.

Fredrik Carlegre

Executive Director of Global Marketing, Toshiba Global commerce solutions

About Fredrik Carlegre

Fredrik Carlegren is a market-focused executive with a passion for retail and currently the Executive Director of Global Marketing at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. Day-to-day Fredrik brings an outside-in perspective to Toshiba’s retail business with a focus on outbound marketing initiatives supporting their global operations. A native of Sweden, Fredrik is a Pragmatic Marketing Certified professional with an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is a global market share leader in retail store technology and retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions. Together with a global team of dedicated business partners, we achieve brilliant commerce by advancing the future of retail with innovative commerce solutions that enhance customer engagement, transform the in-store experience, and accelerate digital transformation. To learn more, visit

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