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Pre-packaged apps launched by Builder.ai for COVID-19 hit businesses


It is seen that Coronavirus is one of the worst pandemics that we have ever seen on the history of mankind and it means that people have to be humans and show their humanity more than ever. This is also the reason why people are saying that this is the best time they can help others in whichever way they can.

Now, one of the best ways to help those in need is to provide food and shelter but the businesses also need to be taken care of because they are also under huge economical stress. Therefore, one startup has come forward for their rescue and it is known as Builder.ai.

Builder.ai is known as Europe’s largest Series A investment generating startup which was $29.5 million last year. Now, the company is coming out to create products for companies such as BBC, DiditFor, Manscore and ZikTruck. Builder.ai is now launching The Studio Store which is their latest range of pre-packaged apps meaning that anyone and everyone who runs a business can use those apps.

It is also revealed that the app will “serve e-commerce and delivery — such as flower shops, grocery stores and clothiers — and will be fast-tracked in less than eight weeks. The first three months of live service will also be bundled in for free.”

Co-founder and CEO of Builder.ai, Sachin Dev Duggal says that “Businesses need to adapt to survive… However, while businesses recognize this, a lack of skills, coding or technical knowledge has traditionally been a barrier… We make it as easy and as affordable as possible for businesses to amplify their digital presence.”

“The e-commerce app allows retailers to showcase their goods with a scrollable carousel and offer a wide range of secure payment methods. The app includes features that will handle most e-commerce experiences. The delivery app has features including payment integration, in-app notifications and FedEx integration”