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PIM Techniques for E-commerce Experience Personalization

Hit an all-time high in customer retention by employing product information management (PIM) systems in the administration of your e-commerce business. Selling on e-commerce platforms requires that your marketing strategies be specific and targeted. You most definitely have heard that personalized marketing is ing future of e-commerce marketing. It is one of the verified means of winning your e-commerce site visitors over.

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Every customer wants a shopping experience that creates a euphoria of comfort and recognition, while concurrently optimizing their shopping time. The availability, or not, of these factors is an ecommerce shopping experience are pointers to the level of business intelligence that the brand engages.

Save your customers the time and data required in searching different products that are not relevant to them and deals that don’t meet their budget. All of this is achievable with a touch of personalization to the experience of each customer.

As already clarified, what e-commerce experience personalization does is to customize the experience of each customer by automatically showing them content, media, or product recommendations based on the customer’s browsing history, search history, and psychographics.

Personalization can be considered a key element to increase both revenue and customer base because it allows a company to segment its consumers and target them accordingly. … Today, personalization is more important than ever as consumers have access to content from a plethora of channels

Tips for E-shopping Personalization PIM

Now the question is how you can personalize content for each of your thousand customers without going ragged?

  • Engage Relevant Technology That aids Personalized Experience.
    Use PIM solutions that source, analyze, and report data about each customer. And ones that do not just stop there, but have features that ensure content personalization, product recommendations, and marketing automation.
    Customers want seamless and smooth buying experience, get tools that ensure this.
  • Personalize Each Stage of the Shoppers’ Interaction With Your E-commerce Brand
    A customer will interact with your online business while browsing, carting their orders, and purchasing. Those are the three stages in e-commerce trade. Ensure that at every point, there are personalized and engaging messages to help your customers toggle through your store with information that is relevant to them.
    Drop product recommendation messages like “Similar Customers Also Bought…” but this recommendation has to be based on their history of preference and search, for it to get personalized.
    Have messages that push customers from carting to get their purchases made. Most e-commerce customers do not progress beyond the cart stage when buying online. Personalized messages could help you get them through carting to buying.
    Create a personalized list of products that resonates with the customer. You can call it the “picked for you” page. Put out products whose prices fall within the price range of goods that your customer would usually buy.
  • Send Personalized Mails
    Emailing is considered one of the most effective marketing methods for e-commerce stores. Get your customers familiarized with your brand as you engage them with emails that are personal to them. An e-commerce business thrives on its volume of repeat customers. To get visitors to become loyal customers, offer emotion and personal experience through mails to show that even in your broad base of customers, you recognize them.
  • Make Sure Your Customers Are Onboarded
    Especially for your new customers, ensure that they are well onboarded. Send onboarding messages that hone on their habits, as newsletters frequently to customers to help them get familiarized with the brand.

Sell the ‘one in a million’ feeling to all your customers using all of the above PIM personalization tips and see your customer retention rate hike.

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