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PayPal-powered payment services of Adobe Commerce to roll out soon

Adobe is now working on adding its payment services to Adobe Commerce. This move of the company will allow its merchants to avoid the requirement for third-party payment service integration.

The PayPal Commerce Platform-powered services will become available to Adobe merchants in the US in the fourth quarter of this year.

This announcement came to the surface with a press release. While talking about the release of Adobe Commerce, the company said that its service will be available in countries like Australia, Western Europe, and Canada in 2022.

“In today’s fast-moving digital economy, organizations demand flexibility and extensibility in their commerce platform to sustain business growth and deliver seamless experiences for their customers,” said Adobe Vice President of Experience Cloud Product and Strategy Amit Ahuja in the release.

While talking about Adobe Commerce, he further said, “With the addition of payment services, we’re thrilled to expand on our already robust out-of-the-box commerce feature set to help Adobe Commerce merchants compete effectively and win in the digital-first economy.”

Adobe payment service will enable merchants to accept payment methods with credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, and PayPal. It will also offer the merchants to use the buy now, pay later option of PayPal.

According to the Adobe Digital Economy Index, the use of BNPL has grown up to 88% between 2019 and in the first half of this year. Hence it will work as a very us full payment option on Adobe Commerce.

Sezzle CEO Charlie Youakim said this week that BNPL could benefit both the merchants and customers with its ease of payment.

With this payment method, merchants can easily generate sales that they might have missed otherwise. Many customers will decide not to purchase even if they have the money simply because they want to stay within a budget. Hence the company does not want to let the customers of Adobe Commerce miss any chances to enjoy a good experience.

Youakim said that having a BNPL option will help the customers to allow the small to medium-sized businesses to criticize the debit card.

He further added that customers transacting on the debit card have a limited cost. They are less likely to spend overall as they will think about the budget. But if one can creditize the debit card with BNPL products, then the company can close that sale today. Hence adding BNPL to Adobe Commerce has a great suite of advantages both for the sellers and buyers.

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