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Grocery delivery service Buyk announce NYC launch

Grocery delivery service Buyk – a 15-minute service is all set to launch its NY city launch in August. The Russian grocery delivery service Samokat has created this service. Now they have come up with the announcement on Tuesday.

Since its inception in Manhattan, this company aims to reach out to all five boroughs by the end of 2021. It will further expand to additional US cities in 2022. In June, the company has announced a seed funding round worth $46 million.

“Three things are central to the Buyk business model: hyper locality, execution and, of course, our proprietary technology,” CEO and Co-founder of Grocery delivery service Buyk, Slava Bocharov, said in a statement. “With this tech, we can assemble the ideal assortment for each area down to the finest detail, we can optimize picking strategies to ensure your order leaves the dark store almost as soon as you’ve put your smartphone down, and we can study the best routes to shave vital minutes off delivery to ensure your order arrives when you need it.”

The online grocery space has been seeing a huge surge in growth in its competitive ground since the starting of a pandemic. On this metric, many of the services are competition to reach out to a large group of audiences.

The promise of 2-hour delivery from a Grocery delivery service is now seeing a raised bar to another level to impress the audiences. Instacart has already worked on its 30-minute fulfillment services. Most recently, it has partnered with Kroger on a delivery facility with half-hour convenience.

A range of grocers is utilizing a system somewhat similar to Grocery delivery service Buyk. The Grocery delivery service facilities are using a network of dark stories that supply a micro-mobility fleet. They are emerging with the promise to fulfill services within 10-15 minutes.

Since March 2020, the online grocery delivery service facilities have picked up the pace. However, most consumers are still limited to their shopping in stores or pickup orders. Data shows that 235 of the grocery shoppers are making online purchases to have home delivery for their products.

Those who are using Grocery delivery service facility options have speed and convenience in their mind. The survey has also found that at least more than three-q quarters of the grocery shoppers focus on the ease of shopping as a factor. 57%say that they choose the channel as it is faster.

Though the covid pandemic has given rise to the low adoption rate, there is much room to go forward for the Grocery delivery service facilities.

“I think back, pre-COVID, nobody woke up in the morning and said, ‘Oh, you know what I need? I need a new grocery solution,'” Bentley Hall, CEO of Bay Area grocery and meal kit delivery company Good Eggs, said in an interview with PYMNTS. “And in many ways, the pandemic forced or required everybody to ask that question. I don’t think that’s going to change — I think that question will be asked more and more frequently.”

Moreover, this trend extends beyond the category of grocery. The food eCommerce business and Grocery delivery service facility are harnessing the data that the recent boom is offering, creating experiences. These experiences focus on addressing the news and preferences of the consumers who are leading to the innovation of the platform.

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