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Patagonia closes all its shops, website due to COVID-19

Patagonia which is one of the famous sporting goods retailer has announced the closing of all of its stores as well as the online operations including their website due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This is known after a memo was posted on its website and everyone who visited the site saw it. The memo from Patagonia reads that “the scale of impact is still unknown, and we want to do our part to protect our community especially while testing availability is unknown.”

It is also the right measure in order to stop the spread of this virus because people visiting its stores might get infected and even its online operations need to be stopped since the delivery personnel can get infected or infect their customers.

Now, the store says that all of its stores and website will cease at the end of operations on Friday which means we will not be able to shop on retail or e-commerce from Patagonia after tomorrow. It is also not known for how long this closure will take place and the store says that they will reveal more details by March 27.

The great news for Patagonia employees is that they have announced that the pay for its workers will continue as per regular in the interim. Also, Patagonia says that they will update its customers on the next steps by March 27 by which it will likely assess the situation and decide if the stores and website should be reopened or not.

However, the store also said in a contradictory message that customers should check their website on March 16 to place online orders. It is likely that the orders placed on its website will not be delivered until the end of March since its offices will be closed and any maintenance on the website will also not take place.

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