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Coronavirus is said to change the way people shop, travel and work

We have seen over the years that there have been many epidemics and pandemics that occurred and they have been deadly. So this is not the first time that a coronavirus has emerged which has killed lots of people and infected billions. However, we have seen that after each epidemic we have seen a new pattern emerge in how people operate. The COVID-19 outbreak is no different and many are expecting people to change the way they work, shop and travel.

After the great depression, there was a “waste not want not” attitude among the people that has been seen for decades since that time. Also, there was a global financial crisis back in 2008 that left the trend of people hoarding the world’s biggest collection of foreign exchange. This time around, there is a public health emergency and it is causing stocks all over the world to crash and economies are suffering. Therefore, it will also leave a mark on the people who will change their way of doing things.

We are already seeing some changes where people are starting to work while wearing face masks which was not common before this outbreak. Also, people are starting to think before doing trips abroad in order to avoid as much social and public gatherings as possible. Apart from that, most people have started to hoard essential supplies in the fear that they might not have the required items to survive in case of a lockdown.

Also, the fact that people have started to work-from-home as companies have guided them to means that a new trend will emerge. It is believed that even after the COVID-19 outbreak’s threat is gone, people will continue to work-from-home as much as possible and jobs that were said to be impossible working from home will also be allowed to be done from home.

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