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New Decade, New Discoveries: Navigating e-commerce with 2020 vision

Digital Icons – A vlog series

Tricks of the trade to grow and nurture your business

New Decade, New Discoveries: Navigating e-commerce with 2020 vision

As we approach the dawn of the 4th Industrial revolution, e-commerce is fast becoming the primary means of carrying out trade activities. Forward-thinking organizations like Amazon have set the standard and now all businesses, whether multinational or locally-based, must devise a method to go along with this trend or risk getting left behind. This episode of digital icons looks to expose retail business owners to the importance of setting up a network that satisfies customers. Join Andrew Leibowitz, VP, Client Partner, Astound Commerce, as he speaks on how organizations can successfully build their ecommerce network while sustaining customer loyalty.

Andrew Leibowitz

VP, Client Partner, Astound Commerce

About Andrew Leibowitz

As Client Partner, Andrew directs a team of Engagement Managers and Client Directors in daily operations, including staff management, organizational strategy, and deployment. Andrew is a growth-focused thought leader with expertise spanning account/brand management, web analytics, strategic marketing, client and vendor relationship management, technology solutions, and project management. Andrew is in charge of building strategic relationships with brands to help enhance their digital landscapes. Andrew has over fifteen years of experience working in numerous facets of eCommerce and retail. He has managed and delivered eCommerce business solutions for retailers all over the globe, gaining a real understanding of different regions digital landscapes, His expertise lies in building and creating eCommerce strategies and building client relationships.

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