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National Fuel Gas welcomes expanded payment options

National Fuel Gas, with its two million gas customers, had recently embraced the extended payment options. It will help the company to increase its customer base by reaching out to more peers.

Also, it will enhance customer satisfaction, and it will enable a suite for modern digital payment and better options for connectivity. The replacement of the previous online portal with a new bill pay portal has taken place. It includes text and phone capabilities. National Fuel is also thinking of reducing its late and lost payments.

Thus the new payment options will allow the customers to pay where and whenever they want the way they are comfortable. These options include pay by phone, online, text, etc.

Also, they can pay using PayPal and other d already trade-off digital banking services. This portal enables its customers to set payment reminders from email and text.

The company is looking for ways to improve its customer experience with its payment options. The launch of the portal with its partnership along with InvoiceCloud is calling for faster upgrades and easy-to-use and navigating capabilities.

This ease of integrating new options of payments allows users to have much control and ease over the platform while paying off their bills. Moreover, it saves time for the users.

A study has found that the share of US customers who use digital channels to shop has surged much since the beginning of the pandemic. Half of them are using such payment options or channels to purchase retail products and now seeking new digital connectivities.

These changes are not at all temporary adaptations. Consumers are planning to maintain the online shopping habits that they have adopted during the pandemic. Data from the study also shows that the merchants use legacy methods to offer paper bills in the mail each month and see the late payment risk rise. It comes with each of the additional steps that customers need to take to pay.

Pain points like this are making utilities, and other billers become eager to offer automatic bill payment options which can avail subscribers of the burden of paying. EngageSmart is a SaaS firm that offers InvoiceCloud solutions in its payment options.

It is looking to ride this trend to a New York Stock Exchange listing. Ahead of the IPO, EngageSmart reported that it is now offering service to over 68000 customers in the SMB space.

There are also more than 3000 firms in the health and wellness, utilities, financial services, government, and charitable giving that are using the service. Such new Payment options will propel the growth of easy customer experience.

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