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Mumbai-based JustDial launches its e-commerce B2B portal- JDMart

JustDial, a Mumbai-based search engine has launched its B2B e-commerce portal called by the name JD Mart, to take on big players like IndiaMart and Udaan.  The platform will connect bulk buyers with wholesale sellers across product categories.

“JD Mart is an exclusive B2B portal for a new wholesale experience,” JustDial’s press statement read, per the report. “B2B buyers can discover quality vendors offering a wide selection of products to choose from, spread across various categories to suit all their B2B needs.”

The search engine was planning to launch the B2B e-commerce platform, along with demand service platform JD Xperts, by the end of 2020. However, the plans were delayed as IndiaMart moved to the Delhi High Court on November 10, 2020, accusing that the hyperlocal search engine was infringing on its intellectual property rights (IPR) with its yet-to-be-launched service.

Fortunately, The Dinesh Agarwal-led company secured a temporary injunction from the Delhi high court against JD Mart over copyright violation. The temporary injunction prevented JustDial from launching the marketplace under the brand name JD Mart and using other intellectual properties including category tree, naming convention, supplier and product information, and specifications.

JustDial had called these accusations “absolutely baseless and frivolous”, highlighting that the company will pursue legal remedies. In turn, the company had accused IndiaMart of data-copying and cybersquatting, among others. “Our products suffer from no plagiarism and the same is above board both in terms of law and best business practices. JustDial has painstakingly built its database, brand over the last 25 years and such baseless allegations shall be adequately addressed,” the company’s spokesperson had said.

India is among those countries which have observed a rise in B2B e-commerce transactions, with a survey finding that space had a 200 percent rise in transactions as opposed to B2C transactions. Moreover, mobile orders in India rose 8 percent in 2020, and reports said that the trend of using mobile will continue for both B2B and B2C operations. Digital sales channels can boost both the size of the revenue and the number of transactions made.

Sanna Sharma
Sanna Sharma
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