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MedicaEx introduces B2B Medical Device platform

Based in Taiwan, MedicaEx.com is regulating a “one-stop digital marketplace”. They can engage sellers and buyers of medical equipment and medical devices. The company declared this. As per the company, it discovered that nearly all corporations making B2B medical device investments use digital resources. The outlet is proving that it is an incredible time-saver. Luke Yang, the general manager of MedicaEx, said this in a ready statement.

He also added that MedicaEx brings outstanding medical technology and equipment from all over the globe. In addition, the outlet is user-friendly and an incredible way for corporations to get acknowledgment for their items.

Medicaid notes that its details include offline and online channels and ways to display products. It also has the feature of live trade shows and equipment for publishing search engine optimization tools and news releases.

As per Yang, if you have a factory, our outlet is the perfect option for you to display your items. And if you work as a distributor, consider contacting a seller to get the access to B2B medical device you want. You can also broadcast your news or research on their blog. As per MedicaEx, it has over 20,000 subscribers, 30 corporations engaged in medical exhibitions.

And the estimated exposure is more than 100,000 people who specialize in medicine. As per the website of MedcaEx, the corporation provides a fundamental plan. This plan begins at $1,880 per year.

In addition, they offer a premium plan that they haven’t listed on their website. MedicaEx also provides, via its portal, guidance for industries on regulating the equipment and medical device sectors.

For example, a current post on the portal says that the field is slowly coming to the significance of online marketing techniques. And they provide advice for many kinds of online marketing of B2B medical device.

Rishi Naiyar is the CEO and co-founder of the online health data company PocketHealth. He explained in related news how the clinical sector is digitizing health images and records to enable moving healthcare digitally.


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