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Digital payments proved to reduce fraud

The use of supplier portals, invoicing, and digital payments have reduced fraud in overall B2B payments. Cross-border payments are facilitating effective business opportunities in countries like China. The blockchain-based system is a new trend in the online marketplace.

To state an example, Tesorio was successful in raising $17 million. All of this money is just a leadership overhaul, while Nibble Health acts as a third party. Digital payments are the next thing in the B2B payments. A Blockchain marketplace qiibee received $4.8 million. It is via seed funding round. The reward will is fully dedicated to expansion in North America.

Z5 was responsible for funding the qiibee funding round. Participation is in digital advertising. It was to meet Ben Davey, founder of CEO of Barclays Venture. There was also a description of Phil Rubin, founder of Grey Space Matters. The connection is set on the loyalty programs. qiibee as a platform saw its launch last year.

Louis Erard, Swiss Luxury Watch Maker, called out for qiibees’ platform. It was to exchange their loyalty with currency. We also saw Louis Erard Point out the miles. He explained the Etihad Guest with 9 distinct cryptos. Companies in the real world are using digital payment platforms to their full potential.

Digital payments serve as a solution for reconciliation and supplier issues. 42% of total financial institutions asked for their corporate client image. And, 15% of surveyed executives pointed out that the inefficiency of offering a supply portal is the main reason for shifting to digital payments.

Tesorio raising $17 million in Series B fund was due to the same reason. The company stated, “it is focusing this round on expanding its go-to-market efforts. ” It is native to San Francisco. It helps other companies manage funds currently valued at $23 billion. The platform features automation, dunning, workspace, collection dashboard, and others. Many digital payments companies are making America the main target place.


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