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Major e-commerce companies asked to curb price gouging on their platforms

It is known that the world is under a serious threat of the Coronavirus pandemic and we also know that many European countries are badly affected by it. Hundreds of people are dying in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and now the US is also on that list.

Also, it is now officially confirmed that the US has more cases of COVID-19 than China which was the source of this virus. For this reason, the US has ordered a total lockdown in the country and no one is allowed to come out of their houses which means buying grocery and other household items has to be done online.

Due to this reason, it is also known that the e-commerce platforms have stepped up their efforts and are managing deliveries in the interest of everyone. Also, the non-essential item deliveries have been stopped by the e-commerce portals and only essential items such as food, grocery and medical supplies are being delivered.

But there is one more problem that the e-commerce portals have to deal with and that is the problem of price gouging which is being done by people on the platforms. Since the people are in need of essential medical equipment such as masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and such, it is obvious that they will be ready to pay 10x of what its original price is.

However, this is a serious problem because those who are really in need and can’t spend such a huge amount of money to buy those items will not be able to get protected and the virus could spread to others. Therefore, the states in the US have asked the e-commerce platforms to keep a check on the price gouging which is being done by some sellers. Also, they have been told to remove all those listings that have increased the price of these products to keep a check on the pricing.

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