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LA-based e-commerce startup, Nacelle raises $18 M in Series A funding

When on one hand consumer online shopping habits have led to a downfall of revenues for some web storefronts, at the same time this global pandemic period trends have also breathed new life into the market for developer tools that help elevate e-commerce sites run smoothly for shoppers.

LA-based, Nacelle is a headless e-commerce platform made for developers who want to create superior customer buying experiences. It is one of many e-commerce infrastructure start-ups that helps earn attention from investors amid Covid.

The start-up accounts itself as a JAMstack (an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale) for e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, etc). It claims to offer a developer platform that delivers greater performance and scalability to online storefronts and cuts down on hosting costs. Nacelle builds an easier path for e-commerce brands to embrace a headless structure and provide a more streamlined experience.

This company raised an $18 million Series A investment led by Inovia with participation from Accomplice, Index Ventures, High Alpha, Silas Capital, and Lerer Hippeau. In the mid-2020, the company had closed a $4.8 million seed round, the speedy pace of their Series A’s close seems to speak to the investor enthusiasm that has deepened around companies operating in the e-commerce world.

“It’s no secret that commerce has done well during COVID,” CEO Brian Anderson. “Not only did we get this subtle structural change with COVID that I believe is long-lasting, but merchants have been focusing more on performance.”

The company’s customer base mostly includes small to medium-sized e-commerce sites. It works in close contact with agencies for customer referrals. Its central point of focus has always been making sure that they manage to bring customers onboard to its platform without causing any undue headaches. It can be “very painful to migrate data” with other services, Anderson says. The company’s service is “anti-rip-and-replace

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