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Kroger to launch its own E-Commerce portal to compete with Amazon

The COVID-19 fueled a jump in worldwide online sales has been redefining the e-commerce market for the last few months. The latest to join the bandwagon is Kroger, the American retail company which boasts of being the second-largest general retailer in the US behind Walmart.As reported by FOXBusiness, the company is in the process of launching an e-commerce marketplace to compete with giants like and Walmart.

This U.S. based grocery giant is partnering with Mirakl, a French e-commerce company, to launch the platform offering thousands of products to consumers from third-party sellers. Kroger is adding on to Kroger Ship, the company’s digital delivery service that launched in 2018.

The platform will now offer customers an additional 50,000 products across different categories, ranging from the bakery, dairy, international food, and specialty items to home utility products and childcare items including toys.

Fox Business further added to the story that the expansion of Kroger Ship will include staples available in Kroger’s brick-and-mortar stores, as well as products exclusively at its website,

The supermarket chain, which was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, OH, has reportedly built a 350,000-square-foot distribution center in Frederick, Md. last month for its grocery delivery expansion.

As per  Fox Business, Kroger also has taken a step ahead by partnering with automated warehouse tech company Ocado Solutions to assist with online order fulfillment that will supply communities in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., as  Kroger doesn’t have physical stores in those areas.

It seems that Kroger has timed its launch to perfection as the world is adapting to online sales practicing safe distancing and hygiene during the pandemic. Also, future times are going to determine how critical will be issues like logistics, sanitation conditions at the workplace, and workers’ health facilities.

In the past, Amazon did face issues like poor working conditions and health hazards at work which led to workers even boycotting the work.

Perhaps Kroger’s reputation and its delivery tactics may make it bite off a chunk of Amazon’s market.

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