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Indian Government orders Amazon, Flipkart and others to stop selling this product

You must have seen that there is all kinds of stuff selling on the internet right now and it is possible that a thing which is not offensive to some can be offensive to others and this has also happened in India already where Amazon and others have been caught listing products such as door mats which contain the Indian flag or even photos of some Indian Gods. Now, a new controversy has erupted and this time, it is a major safety issue. If you drive a car, you must know that there is a constant alarm that beeps when you don’t fasten your seat belt.

Well, the people have found a workaround to this where they simply attach a thing called seat belt alarm clipper to their seat belts so the car thinks that their seat belts have been fastened and the alarm stops beeping. This thing has been selling like hotcakes in India on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and others. Now, the incident has come to the notice of Indian Government and they have immediately sprung to action. It is worth noting that the Government of India has told e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and others operating in India to stop selling these “seat belt alarm stopper clips” as soon as possible and even delist these products from their platform immediately.

In a press release, the GOI said, “It is imperative to say that using car seat belt alarm stopper clips can also be a hurdle for consumers seeking claim amounts in the cases of motor insurance policies, wherein an insurance company may deny the claim by citing the negligence of the claimant for using such clips. On the other hand, using a seat belt acts as a restraint that allows the airbag to provide proper cushion and not hit the passengers at full force which also works as a protective shield in case of collisions”. As per the latest report from 2021, it is found out that “more than 16,000 persons were killed in road accidents in 2021 due to not wearing seat belts, of which 8,438 were drivers and the remaining 7,959 were passengers”.

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