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Amazon plans to add ChatGPT-style ‘conversational experience’ for search

We have already seen how AI is taking over the world since the last 6 months and it is already known that e-commerce websites have started to embrace it as well along with the other tech companies such as Google and Microsoft. It is worth noting that Alibaba has already announced a competitor to ChatGPT which will be integrated into their products for internal use. Now, we have a new report from Amazon as it plans to build an AI-powered “conversational experience” for Search. Basically, Amazon wants to add ChatGPT or Bard-styled AI chatbot into its product so that people can talk to it and get the product listings and buy from there.

In a new job listing from Amazon, the company said that it wants to hire a machine learning-focused engineer that can work on its idea of “reimagining Amazon Search” with an “interactive conversational experience that helps you find answers to product questions, perform product comparisons, receive personalized product suggestions, and so much more,”. The company added that “This will be a once-in-a-generation transformation for Search, just like the Mosaic browser made the Internet easier to engage with three decades ago,”. “If you missed the 90s—WWW, Mosaic, and the founding of Amazon and Google—you don’t want to miss this opportunity”, adding that the company wants to “deliver this vision to our customers right away.”

Obviously, as the new job listing suggests, Amazon is very close to adding a new ChatGPT-styled chatbot to its search which means that the way we search and buy products will also change very soon. When asked about this job listing, an Amazon spokesperson said “We are significantly investing in generative AI across all of our businesses.” which all but confirms that Generative AI is coming to Amazon’s products very soon including its main Amazon e-commerce app as well. It does make sense to add Generative AI to Amazon’s products because we have clearly seen Google’s demo of how its Bard can create product listings based on different demands and conditions from the users. This could feel like a personalized chatbot for Amazon’s customers.

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