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How unified commerce can transform the way you handle your retail strategy

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How unified commerce can transform the way you handle your retail strategy

The retail industry has undergone so many evolutions, and it is poised to undergo more. The technology landscape is offering multiple components like AR/VR, 3D, smart inventory, e-commerce, CRM, mobility, IOT, AI, Machine learning etc. Will these things be solutions to the problems of the retail industry? The challenge is that many of these technologies still exist as silos. Will they be unified to make the life of retailers easy? Our next Digital Icons episode, we will be interviewing Jim Barnes. Jim is the CEO of the global firm, enVista, and he will be discussing the problems that commonly plague the retail industry.

Jim Barnes

CEO of the global firm, enVista

About Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is CEO of global software solutions and consulting services firm, enVista. Jim is a leading expert in unified commerce and supply chain management who has spent the last 25 years deploying supply chain and enterprise solutions to help unify commerce and improve profitability for Fortune 500 brands and retail companies. His expertise includes all areas within the extended supply chain, including unified commerce, global supply chain network design, strategic facility design, international and domestic transportation management, labor management, organizational change management and supporting supply chain and execution technologies. In 2014, Barnes recognized a critical need for nearly all omni-channel retailers – the ability to more rapidly and cost-effectively deploy unified commerce solutions to optimize customer experience and engagement. Barnes was immediately moved to build from the ground up and launch a full suite of omni-channel solutions on a single platform and integration framework. Today, enVista’s unified commerce platform is recognized by leading analyst firms and currently being used by today’s top retailers to rapidly enhance customer engagement and unify commerce operations. He is a recognized industry thought leader, having presented at National Retail Federation’s Big Show, Operations Summit, ProMat, MODEX, PARCEL Forum, the Retail Industry Leaders Association Supply Chain Conference, and enVista’s annual client conference, FUEL.

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