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Customer Experience Analytics the future of Omni-Channel Marketing

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Customer Experience Analytics the future of Omni-Channel Marketing

Every data has a story to tell. But the story comes to life only if you are asking the right question to the data. For years now, experts have lauded data analytics as to the future of retail. There is so much to gain from data analytics for brands and enterprises, as it improves productivity, customer experience, as well as product data management. In this episode of Digital Icons, we are talking to Arthur Bailey, Communications Director, Samsung Electronics, about Big Data Analytics and The Future of Retail.

Arthur Bailey

Communications Director, Samsung Electronics

About Arthur Bailey

Arthur Bailey is Director of Enterprise Communications for Samsung Electronics America. Bailey manages media and analysts engagements that emphasize Samsung’s success in delivering transformative technologies that enable businesses to do what they usually can’t.

About Samsung Electronics, Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies.

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