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How to Use the Clubhouse App for Your Business?

The Clubhouse App works in a brilliant way to deliver a social experience which makes it one of the most active tools for growing business nowadays. It delivers an experience that is very similar to an audio-only virtual event in a very rapid way. The app clubhouse is currently having more than 1 million users. At the same time, it offers thousands of rooms where people from all over the world can hold their conversations regarding their industries, interests, professions, and business ideas.

Hence it is pretty much intuitive and useful for a budding businessman or for those who want to make their reach and growth optimal. Hence knowing how to use the Clubhouse App for business is undoubtedly going to help you in a much progressive way. Thus have a look:

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How does the Clubhouse App Work?

Working of Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse app works optimally to offer an experience that is very similar to an audio-virtual event in a massive way. The voice-only constraints are very similar for the podcast, which easily gets played on demand. But the conversations here happens live and are not recorded for further playbacks. Thus if you are not in the room, you are going to miss the important details.

This indicates that a lot of people spend their lot of time in this app, looking for conversations regarding their interests and topics. Hence if you are a marketer or a business owner, this comes with a huge number of opportunities. You can easily establish your own brand by targeting the opportunities.

There are also plenty of opportunities to share your brand’s story or the story of your foundation that helps you to connect with your customers. There are plenty of opportunities for getting feedback or running various groups and conversations to generate plenty of marketing awareness.

What is more exciting about the app Clubhouse is it offers a perfect way of building brand awareness through various campaigns. For example, Former CEO and President of Focus Brands, Kat Cole, host an office hours room on a weekly basis to help out other businesspeople and budding entrepreneurs to find their own way of business.

Brands also opt for sponsoring rooms where the company founders can share their founding story, which not only inspires others but also delivers a bunch of useful ideas, which are easy to add in the various spheres of business.

Clubhouses make it easier for people to find each other and gather at one point. It is possible to connect with people with whom you might want to speak for advice. Also, you can discuss partnerships, investments, hiring, and many more.

How to do Business with Clubhouse?

How to do Business with Clubhouse

Prospering your business with Clubhouse App stock requires more engagement and participation in the app. For finding your business ideas and enhancing your engagement, you need to take part in them in an effective way.

1. Finding People, Rooms, and Following the Clubs

If you want to make your Clubhouse engagement very useful and beneficial for you, then you need to be quite strategic with the people, rooms, and clubs that you follow. Following any people, room, or club is going to lead you to many other rooms and clubs. Following up something very carefully on Clubhouse is going to show you plenty of rooms suitable for your interests.

As you enter the app, you can see a long list of rooms in the home area. These rooms are mostly based on the people and clubs that you usually follow. Also, it is going to show up in plenty of trending rooms.

If you are starting for the first time along with this app, then the Clubhouse application is going to recommend some of the people to follow who are available in the directory of your phone. The styling and size in the rooms in the hallway area may vary from the big keynote style present in the large panel rooms to small rooms with few members. Going through the rooms is going to show you interesting people to follow in this area.

To find people with the same interest as yours in the business you can look at the people and clubs which are followed by the people that you usually follow. This makes the process of finding others easier for you.

2. Searching for the Member Directory, Club Directory, and Event Calendars

The member and club directories are easy to search with relevant keywords. Also, the event calendar is very easy to navigate, which shows you plenty of upcoming events. Searching for members and directories lets you relate your interests to find out more people and rooms along with clubs that you can follow.

3. Browsing the Front Row Area

As you enter a room, you can see three sections for people. The first section includes a stage and shows the speakers. The second section comes with the front row and shows the peoples whom the speakers follow. The third section, on the other hand, is going to give you the list of audience. You can tap on people from the front row area where you can easily discover more people who share the same interests as you from where you can follow to grow your contact with those people.

How do You Grow Your Following on the Clubhouse App?

Growing your following on the Clubhouse application can help you in a massive way to grow your business bigger. For reaching out to more people of your interest, you need to attract people by being highly active on the platform.

The large rooms sound good. But being stand out in a large room with a 5000 or more audience is very challenging. Thus it is better to start with rooms which have a small number of members in the audience, which is going to offer better chances for you to get invited on the stage.

However, you need to ensure that the rooms you are picking for you have relevance with your industry to get to know more about the people. As you tend to get more active and close to the group, the hosts are more likely going to invite you on the stage, which is very effective for attracting more followers.

While you are on the stage, you need to add more value to what you are staying in order to stand out significantly on the platform.  Without spending much time introducing you and your company, it is better to add more value to what you are saying. You can ask clear-cut questions, or you can answer your questions in a much to-the-point manner. Adding value to your speech is going to lead people to click on your bio to learn more about you and your business to follow you.

Thus every time you enter a room or join a stage, your followers are going to get a notification that you are live. This is easily going to let you build your own community.

1. Put Efforts to Build Your Network in ClubHouse

The More captivating and impressive your profile is; the more people are going to follow you quite effectively. One of the best ways to build your network on Clubhouse App stock is to optimize your bio where you can tell your people what your USP is. Whatever you are going to include in your bio, it is going to determine how you are going to appear in the searches and how people are finding you through the searches in the club directory or members directory area.

It is very useful to create an extended informational bio along with emojis or icons to make it more impressive. It is important to add all your basics like where you work, your title, or your content channels and social media profiles. But Clubhouse does not support any kinds of links in the bio area. You can use your username for each of your profiles and add a call to action button to lead people to get connected with you and contact you to enhance your network.

2. Grab the Idea of Collaborating with Others

As you create a room, it is better to add more members to be there on the stage. It is better to partner with people from your industry who are having more followers than you. As your partner comes on the stage, their followers are going to receive a notification about it and very likely going to join the room. They might end up following you also. This strategy is very useful to gain many followers in a day which can actually boost up the growth of your business.

3. Hosting Your Clubhouse Room to Impress and Gain More Followers

As you are going to create a room, you are going to become a moderator for that respective room. You can easily control whom to invite on the stage and whom to not. You can also mute people. Also, you can allow others to have the role of a moderator. If you are thinking of hosting you, need to organize the room properly. Also, you need to learn what your audiences need.

To organize the room, you might take a short break. During this time, you can prompt the audience to follow your other moderators. As you welcome them back, you might prompt them to ping someone you know in the room. Also, it is important to take the opportunity from the diversity in your Clubhouse online app audience. You can include voices from all around the world who seem to have various perspectives. This way, you can make your conversation more interesting, valuable, and interactive for your people.

4. Generating Feedback from the Customers and Businesses

If you are hovering around the Clubhouse for a long time, then you can see one of the founders asking for feedback on the creation of a new feature. You can take pages from their playbook and opt for the same thing along with your audience base.

Opt for creating a room and ask for more feedback on your latest idea or insight about the business. You can instantly have other entrepreneurs come in if they are finding your idea very useful. Also, it is a great platform to seek solutions if you are having a business problem. Start a conversation and see what solutions your members and followers are recommending. It is simply going to build up a foundation for your business.

5. Opt for Announcements Using Clubhouse

As you opt for growing your audience on Clubhouse, you can use this app for announcing exciting news for your company. To get more sustainable suppliers, you can opt for creating a chat about your business decisions. You can educate your people about why you have made this step. It is going to offer you better chances to bring more value to your business. Hence you can indulge in more meaningful discussions with your audiences.

You can create a room and announce your new product launch or features. It can work as a very excellent way to build up more anticipation with your community. Also, you can get instant feedback with it. Also, others can suggest better ideas to tweak your features which can make your new business launch more impressive.

6. Connect with More Investors with the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse online app is one of the most useful areas to get more investors to your business. The venture capitalists are one of the bigger parts of this exclusive crowding in the Clubhouse app for business. This comes with a very exciting opportunity for having startups go in front of the investors and derive more valuable business connections.

You can start a room to talk more about your business. You can also get immediate feedback from the investors that you can use for improving your product. Adding more value to the room, talking about what you do and how you help, and the solutions you provide through your business is going to be very useful to get more interested investors.


Clubhouse application works as a social media ecosystem which involves a unique twist of involving business ideas and prospect in it. It not only lets you reach out significantly to the customers but also takes you forefront to the investors, which helps you to get more resources and lets you explore more spheres in the business, which works as an essential step to grow and strengthen your business.

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