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How to Learn New Topics Quickly Using Micro-Learning Apps

The debate that the educational system is dated is ongoing. Sometimes it may seem that the debate itself is dated. However, no matter how the educational system tries to adapt to the ever-changing world, it still fails to properly keep in touch with it. And it makes no surprise, given that everything is changing in a blink of an eye. Something that was a hot topic a second ago seems completely obsolete the next one.

Could be FOMO speaking. Sometimes when you’re enveloped in working on your coursework, you think about all the things that you’re not giving proper attention. And the chances of your coursework being something groundbreaking are rather minuscule. The pressure of academic work can be overwhelming at times. Instead of stressing over every assignment, you might consider an alternative solution. You can buy custom essay from EssayPro, ensuring quality work while also allowing yourself the time to focus on other important matters.

Nothing can change the educational system, after all it should encompass several years of the course and provide you with, at least, general knowledge on certain subjects, and the skills that you may require as a professional. However, there are apps that can not only soothe your FOMO, but actually help you learn something new in small portions. We are talking about micro-learning apps.

  • Build and enhance your learning culture
  • Make learning more flexible
  • Boost your learning engagement
  • Allow you to keep pace with emerging trends and advancements
  • Make learning more personalized

Sounds extremely cool, right? Seems like using one of these apps will make you forget about the chores like finding the necessary materials and suitable tutor to learn something new. But, what is micro-learning to begin with? How does it work and which micro-learning platform should you choose? Well, let’s figure it all out.

What Is Micro-Learning?

Even the name itself suggests embracing brevity. So, in brief, micro-learning is studying in small bits, instead of listening to hour-long lectures. Some way too optimistic articles suggest that micro-learning can replace standard education, but that’s unlikely to happen. See, if you want to learn something on the professional level, you need to get a degree in it in the traditional way. Yet, micro-learning keeps your brain trained and perceptive. That’s why it’s getting implemented in the traditional educational system.

Thanks to the fact that information is provided in small bits, your curiosity is constantly on, and you never get overbored by the subject. And there are many things you can learn through various micro-learning platforms, basically anything from a foreign language to aspects of computer science. 

When it comes to learning languages it works in a way of, say, learning ten new words every day. Or a new grammar rule every day, followed by exercises that allow you to internalize how the said rule works. And it works the same way with every other subject and discipline. The content is divided into small, easily-digestible modules that contain only target material with all the unnecessary side information chopped aside.

Gamification is also a crucial aspect of micro-learning. The bits of information are provided in an interactive way, so you’re more interested in consuming and deciphering the material. And, most importantly, it leaves you salivating for more. And the best aspect of micro-learning is that you study all the time without noticing, so the weight of the idea of studying is no longer towering above you.

Top Three Micro-Learning Apps To Try

Now, after figuring out what micro-learning is and how it works, it’s time to discover some of the apps that you should check out. By the way, most likely you’re already involved in micro-learning without actually realizing it. Maybe you don’t use mobile learning apps, but you surely have checked various short video tutorials when researching this or that subject. So, here are the apps that are worth checking out.

Easy Ten

Would you like to learn a foreign language without joining some specific courses? Easy Ten is your go-to app. Well, not exactly. It’s a great supplementary tool that will help you enhance your learning of a particular language. The application allows you to learn ten new words in a language of your choice every day. 

Have to work on your research paper in English literature without feeling that your French courses go in vain? Use Easy Ten while checking out the draft from the best research paper writing service you’ve found to consider the structure and how to expand on the aspects that you want to mention in the work.


Would you like to have an application that provides you with audio courses on particular subjects and just knowledge on things you find curious? Want to learn about the basics of stoic philosophy? The app got you covered. Or maybe you want to learn the typical mistakes people make when arguing and how to avoid them? The app got you covered as well. 

The app has more than three thousand courses developed by experts in the respective fields. You can listen to each course in its entirety, but you can opt for listening to the course of your choice divided into five-minute lessons that you can listen to while shopping, walking your dog, doing fitness, or simply on your way to college. 


Alcamy is a platform that is perfect for self-learners. It’s an open platform, meaning that anyone with a necessary knowledge can contribute to this or that topic. Users can learn anything from machine learning to how cryptocurrencies work. Whenever you need to learn something, you just enter the topic and watch an engaging video on the subject.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface, so you can easily find whatever you need. Alcamy also offers tools for tracking your progress as you study a particular subject. And, just like with other micro-learning apps, you can access and enhance your knowledge whenever you want.

Closing Thoughts

So, now you know what micro-learning is and how it works. Whenever you struggle with a particular subject, use micro-learning tools to enhance your knowledge. Or simply use the tools to learn something new and keep your brain curious and perceptive. 

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