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How returns raise customer loyalty and reduce retail costs

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 How returns raise customer loyalty and reduce retail costs

Retailers hate returns. They are a logistical nightmare, costing retailers Trillions annually, worldwide. Further, shoppers return or exchange up to 40% of products they buy online, and exchanges account for another 18% of refund transactions. Those rates swell 12.5% during the holidays when nearly half return products the week after the holidays alone. Year-round returns mean lost sales—and overspending up to 30% on inefficient processing and reverse logistics. Shoppers hate returns (just as much). Over 75% of consumers feel returns are the most painful part of buying online, and 87% are unlikely to buy again from a brand after a poor return experience. Shoppers hate printing return labels, cobbling together (beat-up) boxes, and paying for returns. They feel hassled when companies (make it difficult to make returns argue against returns) reasons and make them make yet another trip to ship back products they already don’t like. Returns are changing fast. Some retailers/ ecommerce companies see returns as a big cost center whereas some retailers see it as a tool to enhance customer satisfaction. New models of returns are emerging. This episode of digital icons looks to expose our audience (customers and retailers alike) to new ways of making purchase returns and avoiding all the challenges that come with it. Join David Sobie, CEO, and Co-founder, Happy Returns as he educates us on new ways of carrying out purchase returns

David Sobie

CEO, and Co-founder, Happy Returns

About David Sobie

David Sobie is the former CMO at e-commerce giant REVOLVE and the former SVP of marketing at the popular flash sale website HauteLook (sold to Nordstrom), where he experienced first-hand the challenges of returns. At HauteLook, he worked on the highly successful Return to Rack program that enabled HauteLook shoppers to return products to Nordstrom Rack stores. The insights gained working on Return to Rack led to founding Happy Returns, specifically, that online shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to return in person to avoid the hassle and wait for returns by mail.

About Happy Returns

Happy Returns ( Happy Returns ( provides comprehensive return solutions for the world’s leading online and omnichannel retailers and their customers. With Happy Returns’ Full Stack Returns, retailers offer customers a best-in-class branded online return and exchange flow as well as the maximum flexibility for returning purchases. Shoppers enjoy multiple ways to return: in-person via Happy Returns’ nationwide network of 700 Return Bar locations, through the retailers’ own stores, or by a carrier. Happy Returns provides aggregated shipping and logistics across all channels with an optimized disposition to destinations of the retailers’ choice; all with comprehensive reporting and analytics. The result is a best-in-class experience for customers (NPS® of 95) with maximum value for retailers

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