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Home Depot targets B2B friction for boosting commercial clients

Volatility is taking place in real estate prices. Because of inflation, the purchasing power of customers has lowered. But still, the largest home improvement retainer’s customer base has no signs of slowing down. B2B friction has increased.

Both the DIY and Pro customers increased. The Pro sales are also going great. Also, the project demand is powerful. Pro Intercepts with the customers. It means the backlogs are healthy.

People are expecting that pro-sumer will grow fast in the coming years. It is important to remove friction via an array of improved potential and product offerings.

Home Depot is the destination of choice for the pro-sumers. It has made many strategic investments to meet unique needs. It will maintain its competitive position over various omnichannel touchpoints.

All these initiatives are about fulfillment and providing a better customer experience. Also, it is essential to provide better business management tools to decrease B2B friction.

It is difficult to find qualified laborers for professional business clients. The platforms help to unlock future growth. It addresses the increasing skilled labor shortage in the USA. It helps in building the next trades professional generation.

The DIY Home Depot customers shops at the retailers a few times a year. The average professional customers come into the store several times a month. However, it depends on the business requirements.

The company will introduce new mobile-dashboard technology for reducing B2B friction. It will help the associates to make improvements. The associates can personalize their in-store relationships with the pro-sumer business customers. The target is to help the contractors and pros to expand their business.

The drastic digital transformation has roiled the retail industry. Home Depot is putting its best efforts into revamping its strategies and business goals. The business objectives will align with the fast-growing omnichannel commerce landscape.

Innovation is taking place in the digital space. And Home Depot is all set to meet the new challenges.


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