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Financial transaction becomes easy due to B2B platform collaboration

In a recent update, B2B digital platform Solv Kenya announces a partnership with a Pan-African payment provider Cellulant. This partnership will facilitate small to medium-sized businesses to reorganize and receive their payments in one place.

The partnership will smoothen the payment process and will help businesses to make the payment process clutter-free. The businesses will be able to view, reconcile and receive all their payments in one place. This will save a lot of time and make the process efficient.

Now Solv Kenya can access Cellulant’s digital payment and collections services. Handling financial transactions is an age-old problem for many small to medium businesses. Usually, businesses face a huge gap between processing and tracking transactions.

Now this partnership will make the handling of all these financial matters easy and quick. The utilization of these digital capabilities can provide huge support in daily operations. These digital tools will enhance profitability, enable growth and provide operational efficiency.

This B2B venture will provide a huge lift to businesses struggling with the basic management of financial services. Many times SMBs complain that they have fewer financiers who have very limited information about their businesses.

Solv Kenya has already taken 5000 small to medium-sized businesses on board. There are also around 10 multinational corporations that are on board. The company is planning to have 1000 small to medium-sized businesses under its umbrella by the end of this year.

With more than one source of payment method, the company makes the payment process more frictionless. This will increase sales and help in the growth of the customer base. Solv Kenya will ease these financial transactions and processing.

Although many customers prefer using cards, people from Africa have a high preference for alternate payment methods. Many payment methods stand relevant because of extended periods of use.

Hence B2B platform Solv Kenya’s collaboration with Cellulant will offer many payment and collection services. This system will facilitate the entire process of financial transactions.


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