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Government of India demands unrestricted access to non-personal data of citizens from e-commerce companies

We have seen time and again how governments have been snooping in on companies in order to access data of their citizens which is against the privacy laws and is an intrusion of user’s personal information. Still, we know that there are ways in which authorities have been keeping a constant eye on its users. Now, the internet is a space where there is a way to keep an eye on people but there are ways to avoid that watch from the authorities as well. But we do know that various governments have contacted internet companies in the past to get data from their customers.

It is now reported by India’s Tech2 that the Indian government officials want unrestricted access to all non-personal data which means that there might be some sort of privacy issue here. Now, the interesting part here is that the government wants non-personal data and not a personal one but this also includes financial data which is still way more than what the government gets right now. This gets very interesting because there are people who want to keep their shopping experiences private and don’t want to let everyone know what they purchase.

Amidst all this, what is interesting to note here is that the government wants access of this non-personal data from e-commerce companies as well as social media companies. All this is taking place when the Indian government is looking to form the Personal Data Protection bill which is how the government of India wants to make sure that they protest their user’s identity. Reportedly, a top official told the publication that “The thought process of the government is that it should have access to all non-personal, aggregate and anonymised data at all times and on-demand,”. However, it all depends on if the e-commerce companies agree to give them data access as well as if this is not an intrusion of user’s privacy as per law.

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