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Google Shopping brings you good bargains in this year’s holidays

Google Shopping has some new features launched by Google. The features bring you effective price comparisons and best deal notifications. Thus the Google Shopping will assist you in finding good prices for your things. The features will also ease the local shopping by informing about curbside pickup options and the availability of products. Shoppers will get a great advantage from this kind of feature.

Now, during this holiday season, Google has announced that it would be going to add price insights, deal alerts, and comparison tools for better results. Research tells that most ecommerce platforms have ‘steal’ deals for the holiday season. But all the deals are as attractive as they look. Google will allow you to differentiate good and bad ones with its new tools.

When someone searches a product on Google, it will show graphical representations of the current price of products compared to other prices all over the tab. Thus you can understand the trends of prices of a particular product in various platforms. Google can also give you insights into future trends. Google Shopping has been used by millions to understand the accurate price structure of their desired products.

The data provided by Google will help you determine whether you have to wait a little longer to buy or not. If you decide to wait, then you can get active tracking updates and deal alerts by activating price tracking. To do this, you gave to login to your Google account and get access to the ‘My Activity’ tab on your Google account. You can see a list of all the products you are looking for.

The Google Shopping page can show you prices with purchase options from innumerable stores, both local and online. Also, you can compare the prices of different stores. Google will also launch the curbside and in-store pickup facility in a few days. For now, this feature is only available in the US. It will start eventually in other countries eventually.

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