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eBay Motors uses AI to allow car listing under 5-min

The new eBay Motors app is aiming to revamp how customers list their cars. Its AI-powered tools claim to enable listing cars just under 5 minutes.

After eBay discontinued its old motors app in 2015, it relaunched it recently with some exciting new features. The most interesting of this was the heavy use of artificial intelligence. The app is available within the US on both iOS and Android. Powered by AI, the eBay Motors app allow customers to list their cars for sale in just 5 minutes.

But how exactly does it achieve that? Well, it eliminates a lot of manual steps and instead automates them with AI. Customers begin by clicking a picture of their license plate. Based on that, the app automatically pulls all essential details like model and year from the government database. After that, you can upload the pictures of the car itself from various angles. The app will automatically categorize the images in sections like engine, exterior, interior etc. The app also now allows video uploads while listing. The entire process of categorizing images uses algorithms built upon Google Firebase platform which is known for its high accuracy.

In addition to making the listing simpler, many other intuitive features are added to enhance the customer experience. The homepage can be personalised as per the needs of the users, while advanced search functions and filters allow you to get precisely what you need.  With the second shot to eBay Motors, it is clear the eBay is not yet done wooing mobile customers.