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E-commerce is reportedly bringing a job boom for logistics sector

One thing that we need to understand is that e-commerce is a sector which does not operate on its own. There are multiple facets to this sector, just like every other, and thousands of jobs are dependent on it. Talking about the e-commerce sector, you must be aware that it is absolutely dominating right now. We have seen that sales from e-commerce have already surpassed retail sales by quite a margin. Also, e-commerce is definitely becoming the preferred mode of shopping for customers all over the world.

Now, it is one thing to order certain products from different e-commerce platforms. However, the thing that is loved most about e-commerce is its simplicity and convenience. And that is all thanks to the ease of shopping but also the delivery which comes at everyone’s doorsteps and they don’t have to move an inch.

If we talk about delivery, this involves logistics where the products have to be taken from the companies’ warehouses to the customers. So we have now seen reports that reveal what we already expected. It is that the e-commerce sector’s boom is playing a part in bringing jobs for the logistics sector too.

Also, it is worth noting that the hiring boom in logistics is not only limited to the holiday season which concluded a few months ago. Instead, the boom in hiring for logistics is seen right now too. And we can say that this is not the peak season for e-commerce orders which tells you something about it.

WSJ says that January 2020 saw an increase in parcel sector jobs as well as warehouse, storage and truck driver jobs. The report reveals an increase by 5,700 positions in warehouse jobs, and trucking jobs were up 3,200 positions. Amazon alone is giving jobs to 90,000 people just for delivering parcels through its 800+ “delivery service partners”.

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