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Drunk Shoppers spend $45 B every year on online shopping.

An estimated 79% of all alcohol-consuming adults have made at least one drunken purchase in their lifetime. This contributes to an average of $45B being spent drunk online shopping annually.

Amazon is considered to as the drunk shopping platform of choice to many drunk shoppers. The most common drunk purchases are on clothing and shoes are among


Women are slightly more likely than men to high shop. This makes sense since women generally shop more than men, especially online.

Individual professionals also seem to be more inclined to shop drunk than others. We limited our data to jobs with the highest response rates then parsed out the five industries that are most and least likely to buy under the influence.

Wine, Beer, and liquor seem to bear equal responsibility for terrible decision-making.
While women high shop more than men, men spend more money. Though, considering the gender pay gap, women are likely spending a higher percentage of their salary on drunk purchases than men.

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